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Facebook Watch Party is available to everyone (this is huge)

Facebook's Watch Party feature has been around for a long time, but it was not available for all pages and people up to today. It's a big deal for content creators and media giants, as it can offer a profitable alternative to traditional broadcasting.

Hold on, What is a watch party?

Facebook has gone through many changes over the past year. The company has begun focusing on community-building features, such as Groups and Group Chats, as they generate more traffic and user engagement than typical posts and content pages. Earlier this year, Facebook rolled out the Watch feature, which basically allows Groups to stream a playlist of videos and talk about them in a chat box. Until today, the function can only be used by groups, not by persons or pages.

So watch party lets people watch tv together? Well, not really. See, the Watchdog service is similar to Youtube Live or Rabbit, but it is restricted to videos already on Facebook. It limits users from watching popular TV shows and movies together, as most media corporations and content creators are unwilling to submit the content on Facebook to allow others to distribute for free. Facebook tries to change it by letting people and pages host their own public watches. They think content creators and media giants are more likely to submit content on Facebook if they can control when and how users see it.

People and pages will be hostage values ​​worth your time

Facebook has been silently testing page batches for pages. You may have binge-watched Buzzfeed is worth it on a Facebook watch party, or fitting in Benedetta Rossi's clock party cooking show series. These campaigns have gone quite well, and they have generated much more commitment than non-live videos. It is proof that niche content and influencing videos can benefit from Facebook's Watch Parties feature.

However, the WWE's Watch Party campaign has to be most exciting, as it shows how television shows and sports can find their way on watches in the future. WWE Currents wrestles match on Facebook every Tuesday, but international wresters fans rarely catch the live stream. That is why WWE has re-airing their matches in Watch Festivals that target different time zones, and they have seen a lot of success. If other sports events and televisions are sent to the Watch Party, they can reach an international online audience without jeopardizing their control of the content or their advertising revenue. In fact, they can potentially generate more revenue than they do on traditional broadcasting.

Of course, watches are still good for people and groups. There may not be much tv on Facebook (yet), but there is still a lot of interesting and niche content that you can enjoy with your friends. If you feel the clover of the watch, you can start your own watch party from the box "Post a post" at the top of your feed. Facebook will prompt you to run some videos, and your friends and followers will be notified that you have started a watch party.

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