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Facebook will not tell you how much time you spend with Facebook

Instagram and Facebook now have both metrics that show how much you use each platform, but they are completely skewed to anyone who has more than one device.

The idea is good: people spend too much time on social networks, and by letting them know how much time they waste rolling through their foods, they may help to cure some of the overuse. This feature is new on both platforms, with Instagram rolling out last week and Facebook starts today.

Where to find your user statistics

To check your statistics, it's no more than a few cranes gone.

On Facebook, click on the menu, expand the Settings and Privacy menu, then select your time on Facebook.

Easy enough to find, but there is a catch: these are not all useful.

These statistics are not as useful as they could be

If you notice there is a key phrase that you should pay attention to: on this device. While it may not be a great thing for Instagram because it's primarily a mobile app, this is with some kind of real-world statistics for Facebook just … innacurate.

At this time, Facebook is productive. It is available on phones, the web, and tablets, and if you are a user who switches between these types of devices throughout the day, these numbers are meaningless to you. For example, you can watch Facebook on your phone in the morning over coffee, then on your computer all day at work, then on a tablet in the evening while you sleep on the couch. In that case, you use the service on three different devices, each offering its own user values.

But there is no reason that should be like this. There is no reason why Facebook can not share its usage statistics for your account instead of that device. In addition to being part of the plan – if you spread your use over some (or even two) devices, your "Time per Day" results will be skewed when you look at them, which makes it seem like If you're re spending less time than you really are. If people do not think they spend an unreasonable time on Facebook, it's unlikely they will change their usage habits. And that's the problem this is supposed to be help to solve.

But it's not that bad

On the top there is a redeeming feature for both platforms: the daily reminder. If you are at least a little aware of how much time you spend on each network and want to limit Your use, you can put a warning on your Activity / Time page to keep you in control.

And, regarding Facebook, you're likely to use it on multiple devices. , just remember how much you use it on your other gadgets as well. And maybe, eventually, Facebook will fix this to start showing your real use – not just the specific device.

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