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Factory reset an Android phone – here's how you do it

There's a time when you might need to factory reset an Android phone. If your phone is lagging or you're just preparing to sell it, a factory reset is one of the best ways to restore your phone to its perfect factory condition.

If you perform a factory reset due to performance, remember that Factory reset of your smartphone should be the last resort. Certainly there may be many problems that may be boggling your phone down, but you can try targeted solutions before going to the core. But if you've decided that everything has to go from the phone, it's not hard to do a factory reset.

It is recommended that you back up personal information before restoring your phone. Copy data to your computer, save it to the cloud or transfer it to another phone. Factory reset deletes everything from the device, including contacts, messages, apps, and photos. Make sure you have everything back before you make the process.

Factory Restore of an Android Phone

The best way to restore your Android phone is to simply use the default option in the settings. Almost all Android smartphones follow this pattern, so you do not have to worry much about the location of the setting. However, most smartphones today have a handy search feature in the setting to quickly navigate to the setting you need.

 factory reset android device

  1. First, find the setting icon on the app box or on the notification screen. Both will take you to the phone settings.
  2. In the settings, check if your smartphone has a setting search function. It will be at the top of the interface.
  3. If there, press it to start typing and type "Factory Reset". Some manufacturers have their own skin on Android so the name of the setting may be different. If nothing appears, try typing "Reset".

4. In-store Android, simply go to Settings> System> Reset Options> Clear All Data> Reset Phone . The same goes for almost all other smartphones.

5. After you press the button, your smartphone will restart and it will be as good as new.

Factory reset an Android via recovery mode

If your Android device does not boot properly or you want to restore it, an expert's recovery mode would be the best place to do it. Recovery mode is a great Android feature that lets you do many things. For this to include a complete unit dryer, also known as Factory Reset.

Since Android is very diverse and many different manufacturers make devices that use it as an OS, you can access the recovery menu. For a default Android device, it is usually available by pressing the volume up and power buttons together.

Before continuing, we need to address an important issue. Google introduced a great feature called Factory Reset Protection, which means that no-one else can actually restore your stolen or misplaced device and start using it as they own it. So after you have factory reset, you will be prompted to enter the Google Account information associated with the device. Make sure you know your email address and password before continuing so that you have no trouble signing in to your device.

Factory reset protection is only activated when you restore a device with the recovery menu and not the phone settings. We chose a layered Android phone to provide the process, here's what you need to do:

• Turn off the smartphone.
• Hold the volume down and power buttons .
When the phone turns on, you see Start and an arrow. In this menu you can use the volume buttons to navigate and the power button to make choices.
• Navigate to Reset Mode .
• Press the power button to select that option. Your smartphone is restarted.
• You will see a new screen this time, which says No Command. Press and hold the volume and power buttons to start in the reset menu.
• You can use the volume buttons to select the option that says Wipe data / factory reset .
• Press the power button while it is selected, select the option.
• Touch Yes on the confirmation box to resume factory reset.
• When the process is complete, you will return to the recovery menu. Select the Reboot System Now option to start in your smartphone's normal interface.

After factory reset

Now that your device is fully recovered, sign in to your Google Account and start using your brand new smartphone. Hopefully any problems you face before the reset will be solved and you will have a stable smartphone to use.

nIf you have any questions or questions about how to factory reset your smartphone, please leave a comment below.

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