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For a better Instagram experience, follow Hashtags instead of people

  Hashtag on Instagram

If you have used Instagram for a while, you probably already know what a good place it is to find inspiration. But to see the best content, dig for users and start looking at hashtags instead.

The following hashtags on Instagram are not a new feature, but it is a man should not overlook ̵

1; it is difficult to overestimate their value. In my opinion, this is one of the best parts of the whole network. Why? Because it allows me two comforts: First, all the fluffs go by most users post; and second, it lets me build a specially cured feed.

For example, I use most Instagram for my hobbies: guitars and bicycles. It's my favorite things to look at on Instagram because it's just so much good, relevant content. These things inspire me to dig deeper into my hobbies and give me ideas for ways to improve technology, shape and so on. But here's the thing: while there are many curated accounts out there, they don't always show what I want to see. I miss the mark more often than not.

Let's use bikes as an example. I am a cyclist, and like so many other cyclists, I love to look at pictures of other riders' custom built beech pans, if you like. And even though I already follow several bike-based accounts, they don't always put pictures on bikes. And even when they do, they are not always bicycles I care about. It is not a problem, of course, because I do not expect me to follow only after I send content that I like – they are sending for themselves, not to me. I respect it.

 Searching for a hashtag on Instagram   After a hashtag on Instagram

So to see more specific content, I follow hashtags related to my specific interests. For example, I'm pretty into gravel bikes at the moment, so I'm following #gravelbike and #gravelbikes hashtags. I see some deadly bikes in that way.

But I can also become even more granular. On the same subject gravel bikes, I am quite obsessed with 3T Exploro (the first aero gravel bike!) And would love to have one. There is not a single Instagram account that only shares pictures of Exploros, so that's where the hashtag comes in. I follow both #exploro and # 3texploro hashtags and see all kind of fantastic Exploro content as a result. It's good, although it's a bit disappointing because I don't have one to stare at.

 # 3Exploro hashtag   #Exploro hashtag

I do the same thing for my cycling # caad12 and #caadx are staples in my feed, as well as any other very specific content I want to see . Sure, sometimes it lacks the mark (#superx shows the Cannondale Super X bike, but also a kind of hair product with the same name that is just weird as hell), but most of the time you can build a specialized flow this way. I can't remember the last time I started following a new user. I'm addicted to hashtags for almost all of my Instagrammer now.

To follow a hashtag, look for a specific tag or click on one and then click Follow button – just like following a user. From that time, content with the current tag will be displayed directly in your feed. It is a good way to strengthen your feed with real things you care about.

 How to follow a hashtag on Instagram   A consecutive hashtag in the main feed

So if you are looking to cure your flow a little more, this is a good way to do it. There is a good chance that you lack lots of good content if you just follow people. Give it a go and see for yourself.

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