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Fortnite Season 4 Week 4 Challenge: How to deal with damage to a collector’s leftovers

FortniteSeason 4, Week 4 The challenge of dealing with damage with a Gatherers remnant is probably the toughest of the week, but it can be stacked with it to destroy 20 Gatherers – as we describe in this guide. You definitely want to check out the guide for more information on how to actually find the collectors, but we’ll give you an overview below. The reason why 10,000 damage to a Gatherer’s remains is so tough is that the weapon is not as powerful and fires slowly, making it difficult to use.

To deal damage to a Gatherers’ remains, you must first find a Gorger and then take down one of the Gatherers playing from it and quickly pick up its remains to use as a weapon before it explodes. It̵

7;s a bit complicated, but in this guide we’ll show you everything you need to know about collectors and how to use the leftovers as a weapon.

How to handle 10,000 injuries with a Gatherer’s residue in Fortnite.

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How to find collectors

The first thing you need to do is find a Gorger, which is a drone that will play the smaller enemies called Gatherers. Gorger himself is a formidable enemy that you must watch out for, so do your best to avoid the lasers when you are close. The easiest way to find a Gorger is to get into a helicopter as soon as you start a match in either the solo, duo or troops. We like to use the helicopter on the island north of Misty Meadows, but any helicopter will do. Just make sure you are in a helicopter before the two minute marking of the first circle, shown at the top right of your HUD, below the map.

Once in the air, around the two-minute marking of the first circle, you should see a large laser beam shoot up into the sky, indicating the location of a Gorger. Stay in the sky from about 2:15 to 1:45 minutes to be safe. Once you see the red ray, fly towards it and get ready to take out Gatherers to collect their remains (which is much less morbid than it sounds because they are robots).

How to destroy collectors and manage their remains

The video above shows the entire process of landing near a Gorger, defeating a collector and using its remains to deal damage. Use this method to get in position to deal with damage to the collector’s remains.

Once you land near Gorger, watch out for Gatherers, which are smaller versions that spawn around Gorger himself. They are easy to take out, so run right next to a collector and push it a few times – it goes down. What you want to do is quickly pick up its remains after it has gone down. Keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to do this before they explode, so make sure you pick up the leftovers quickly. If you do not take it in time, do not worry – Gorger will play more collectors. Once you have picked it up, you can use the leftovers as a weapon that has unlimited ammo.

Unfortunately, it is not the largest weapon to use because it shoots slowly, gives minimal damage and takes forever to charge. What we recommend you do is shoot Gorger with the newly acquired weapon enough to lower your health to almost zero. Then continue to shoot at the collectors as they play endlessly. To complete this challenge, you must deal 10,000 damage with the remains of a collector, which is a lot, given that the weapon is not as powerful.

If you reduce Gorger’s health to almost zero, you should have about 1600 damage to the weapon. At this point, you must wait for each collector to play, so be patient and do your best to avoid being taken out by Gorger (and other players). You can also damage this weapon to other players, but it is much harder to do because the weapon fires so slowly. But if you manage to take out real players, you will be much closer to the 10,000 damage mark, so it’s up to you how you choose to deal with this.

It is possible to complete this challenge in the same match, but it will probably take a lot of time to do so. Depending on the location of the collectors in relation to the storm, you may not have enough time to deal with enough damage to complete the challenge in a game, so luck plays a role in how quickly you can finish it. For us, it took three games to complete the challenge because we actually got out of enemies near Gorger on our first try. Fortunately, your progress from game to game continues, so it does not matter if it takes you more than one try.

It is highly recommended to stack this challenge with it to take out 20 collectors as they can be done simultaneously, which will speed things up if you want to finish all the week’s challenges on time. Also, make sure you do not accidentally take out the Gorger as it will stop playing the collectors you need to deal damage. If this happens, or if the storm starts to approach, you can just try to play the rest of the match with the weapon – but again it will be tough.

Once you have done 10,000 damage to Gatherer’s remnants, you will receive credit for completing the challenge and 50,000 XP, making it a profitable challenge to complete. As always, bring a friend with you to protect yourself from other enemies and to revive you if Gorger takes you down.

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