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Fortnite Week 1 Challenges: Visit 7 Pirate Camps | Season 8

Pirates camps invade Fortnite as the new season 8 update and challenges are finally here. After a couple of full weeks that extended the season seven much longer than we expected, a new season of Battle Royale has arrived – and it's as wild as you expect. The map has gone through some conversions, and while it is not so crazy about a review as the map update we received during season seven, a lot of things are still changing.

Season 8 The Battle Royale map is most varied ever, and it will affect how players will approach some of the new weekly issues. The challenges of the week are not super hard, but they help the players to get used to the new map and prepare for what is in the store this season.

Fortnite week 1

  fortnite pirate camp past season 8 week 1 challenges

There are a total of seven new challenges for players to enjoy this week in Battle Royale. Most of them will encourage you to find new places and monuments around the modified map. If you want to see the whole week there is a challenge available this week, be sure to go to the Battle Royale lobby and flip over to the rebooted tab.

Or you can alternatively look at our screenshot above for some of the challenges that exist this week. Three of the seven are available to all players, whether you have the new Battle Pass season. On the other hand, four of the seven are exclusive to Battle Pass owners.

Thank goodness, but getting a free Battle Pass wasn't that difficult to do with the overtime challenges from last season. But if you missed the exaggerated challenges, you can still follow this guide because the biggest challenge we face this week is a free one.

Fortnite Pirate Camp Challenges

  Fortnite Pirate Camps Skip Season 8 Weeks 1 Challenges

The biggest challenge of the week is to visit 7 pirate camps, and if you have looked around you will notice that pirates have really landed on the island and uses this opportunity to invade the site. Before entering, it is important to note that there is a new volcano area that takes place for Wailing Woods and Lazy Links has turned into a lazy lagoon.

The pirates have built a total of seven camps around the map and can be found everywhere, including the snowy areas and at the base of the new volcano. For this week's challenge Fortnite you have to find these seven camps. Fortunately, you don't have to go too far because they are all placed around the center of the map for the most part. While you can make all seven in a match, it will more than likely take you at least two.

What you are looking for is a large continuous camp that can be seen on the screenshot below. The pirate camps are quite large and difficult to miss. Each one has a black flag near the top that you can see far from. To complete each visit, you need to walk the foot inside the camp to register.

We recommend that you make the challenge of the pirate camp in the 50-on-50 mode or any large team position available to you right now. For us right now, it is 50 against 50, a favorite mode for fans who give you 10 minutes before the circle closes. It is more than enough time to explore the new map and find the pirate camps. What's even better is that you have many teammates and fewer enemies

Fortnite pirate camp sites: Lazy Lagoon

  fortnite pirate camps season 8 week 1 challenges

Let's start with the ultimate pirate camp. As the circle begins to close immediately in 50 to 50, albeit slowly, you will want to grab the distant places first. The location closest to the edge of the map is the Lazy Lagoon site. For those who do not know, Lazy Lagoon is a replacement for Lazy Links.

You can find this first pirate mode at the top and middle of the map, just northwest of the words "Lazy Lagoon" and west of the river becomes the larger lagoon. It is located right on the edge of the water and on the shore of the beach.

Fortnite pirate camp sites: Volcano

  fortnite pirate camps season 8 week 1 challenges

Next location is located directly southeast of Lazy Lagoon. You have to walk past the lagoon itself and to the former site of the tomato temple / town. The strange place no longer exists because this volcano has torn itself through the ground and eruptions. This pirate camp can be found near the base of it.

You must check your map because the volcano is not a named place on the map. This pirate camp can be found southwest of the volcano and west of the lava river, which extends south from the volcano. The marker on the map for this pirate camp is a little easier to see than the last one because there is not much else around it.

Fortnite pirate camp sites: Dusty Divot

  fortnite pirate camp fortnite season 8 weeks 1 challenge

Next location is right at the center of the entire Battle Royale map. There are west of Dusty Divot and east of Loot Lake, directly between them. This pirate camp can be found just north of the big hill that you can find in the middle of the map. You can also see this camp on the map as a small tanned circle.

Fortnite Place for Pirate Camp: Pleasant Park

  Fortnite Pirate Camps Fortnite Season 8 Week 1 Challenges

The fourth pirate camp is close to the edge of the island. It is west of the last place near Pleasant Park. Its exact location is to the small southwest of the designated location. It is also directly south, right on the edge of the Great Mountain, located directly west of Pleasant Park. It has a big mark on the main map so you can see it clearly. Head here and we are more than half way done.

Fortnite Pirate Camp Sites: Shifty Shafts

  Fortnite Pirate Camps Skip Season 8 Weeks 1 Challenges

Now we're starting to go south for the last three Pirate camps. The next location is in the southwest quadrant. If you are heading from the last place, you must go southeast into the snowy part of the map. Its just northwest of Shifty Shafts and southwest of Tilted Towers. It looks like a small circle on the map that you can see among the snow.

Fortnite Pirate Camp Sites: Salty Springs

  fortnite Pirate Camps Season 8 Week 1 Challenges

This next site may be found southeast of Shifty Shaft's site. It is directly southwest of Salty Springs and directly northwest of deadly fields. This one is also very easy to discover on the map as it is in a clearly marked area. You are looking for the big hill that the pirate camp is up on the hill.

You have to climb up or else land on the hill. Because you have to set foot in the pirate camp for it to be marked as visited, you may need to collect some materials nearby so you can build some ramps up to it. With this visit, there is only one camp that we need to take care of for this challenge.

Fortnite Pirate Camp site: Paradise Palms

  Fortnite Pirate Camps Season 8 Week 1 Challenges

From The Last Place, you want to go straight east with a slight angle to the Northeast, near Paradise Palms and the Desert. The seventh and last place for the pirate camps is quite easy to find as it is located right near the border of the desert and grassy plains in the southeastern quadrant. You will find pirate camps directly on a road that runs through it.

Pirate games challenge reward

  Pirate ship in Lazy Lagoon in Fortnite Season 8

With this challenge, you've got a challenge Your reward when you leave the game. The reward you get to complete this season 8, the week a challenge is five Battle Stars. It guarantees you at least half of a level level up.

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