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Founded tool guide: How to unlock tool level upgrades

Even if you would not believe it from the beginning, Based Use two levels of tools, and taking the right tools for the job can make all the difference in your survival game. Taking a swing on a thick weed with a tier shaft, for example, will not do much. And harvest thick weeds with the same tools? Forget it.

The tools you make in the beginning will not see you to the end, and taking down some of the game’s greatest creatures requires weapons and armor designed with materials harvested with upgraded tools. The path is not always clear, but this is how you upgrade your tools Based and unlock level two (or level two) Ax and Hammer.

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What is level two tool in Based?

Grounded level two tools unlock

To explain things quickly, level one tools are the ones you can do without using the workbench. You can beat them together on the road with materials found on the ground. Pebblet Ax and Pebblet Hammer are the two main tools for layering right now.

Level two tools, on the other hand, can only be manufactured on the workbench. You do not actually upgrade level-one tools per se – you only unlock the ability to create team-one tools in their place later in the game.

Level one tools come from the Pebblet family, while level two tools are in the Insect family. Insect Ax can harvest materials that Pebblet Ax can not, just as Pebblet Hammer cannot be chipped away by the tougher materials needed to create some of the game’s stronger equipment. That’s the job for Insect Hammer.

Insect Ax: How to get hold of axle two Based

Insect opening is grounded
  • What it is used for: Harvest weeds with two levels used in stronger building materials.
  • Prescription: A ladybug head, three Bombardier parts, four lots of spider silk.

Insect Ax is the first tool you want to create. Its ability to harvest Berry Leather from berries unlocks the upgrade path to two additional tools and especially powerful weapons and armor.

To get Insect Ax – the game’s first level-two tool – you must take down at least two of the game’s larger creatures: the Ladybug and the Bombardier Beetle. On top of a ladybug head and three Bombardier parts, you need four lots of spider silk. This can come from large spiders such as Orb Weaver and Wolf Spider, from Spiderlings or by hacking away at tracks.

If picking up the ladybug head or the Bombardier part does not automatically unlock the Insect Ax upgrade, just take the materials to a field station for analysis. It should unlock the first of the coveted level-two tools.

Insect hammer: How to grab the second hammer Based

Insect hammer locking Grounded
  • What it is used for: Harvested mints for the Mint Mallet weapon.
  • Prescription: Four stink bug parts, four pieces of berry leather, a Bombardier Beetle Boiling Gland.

We actually managed to unlock the Insect Hammer long before the Insect Ax. Not that it really makes a difference, but most players tend to want the Ax before the hammer.

Unlocking the insect hammer means winning a fight with either a stink bug or a Bombardier Beetle. You will need four lots of stink bug parts, a single Bombardier Beetle Boiling Gland and four pieces of berry leather to assemble the insect harbor on a workbench. It is not an easy achievement.

So, what can you do when you have moderated the animals needed to make the insect harbor? First, it is used to harvest coins used in the incredibly powerful Mint Mallet. Right now, it’s the strongest weapon in the game.

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