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Four ways to easily send packages without leaving the house


Schedule your packages to be picked up so you can skip the post office .

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Standing in line at the post office was already one of my least favorite things to do, even before coronavirus pandemic hit. Now it sounds like a recipe for extra stress and exposure to a room with decent people who look carefully at each other – even though we all wear face masks.

If you need to send a package to a family member or colleague, here is a way to get free boxes from the USPS and skip the line . But you can also take it a step further and avoid going all the way to the post office when you need to send a parcel.

Shipping facilities such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS all offer scheduled shipping options for shipping packages. In most cases, you must have the item in boxing and purchase a delivery label in advance before planning. Although it is free to schedule a pickup when using USPS and UPS, it will cost you if you use FedEx. You can also schedule downloads for your Amazon Returns as well.

Once your article has been downloaded, you should receive an email confirmation from the carrier you selected. Here's how to send your parcels without going to the post office.

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Let the carrier know where you leave the packages for download.

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To schedule a package pickup with USPS, you must first purchase a shipping label via USPS Click N Ship. Then visit the Schedule a Pickup page and enter your address information to check availability. The email service will then notify you if it can pick up in your area and will ask you a series of questions – if you have a dog, where you leave your package and when you want the pickup to be scheduled.

Note that downloading during regular mail delivery is free, but if you want to schedule a certain amount of time, it will cost $ 24. After selecting a date, you must fill in how many packages they will fetch and the estimated weight – USPS suggests rounding to the nearest pound.

If your package weighs more than 70 pounds or is more than 130 inches, they cannot accept it. You can also choose to send one of their free template boxes to you if you do not have a scale to weigh the package.

Alternatively, you can also drop a USPS Collection Box to avoid the crowds at the post office.

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Best practices for safe shopping, delivery and pickup …



To schedule a download with FedEx, you must open a FedEx account with a username, password and your credit card information. This allows you to load your deliveries with FedEx Express and FedEx Ground. Here is a list of shipping fees, which vary.

Next, you must create a delivery label for your package and then schedule a date for the package to be downloaded. Let them know where the package will be – for example, on your porch at the door.


If you do not have access to a printer to print a shipping label, UPS is your best option. With the carrier you can schedule a pickup without labels and the driver gives you shipping documents. At the moment you cannot pay with a check or money order, so you can either call UPS and give your payment information over the phone or write down your payment information on the slip that the driver gives you to cover any shipping or pickup costs. Once you have verified the download information, you will see the total cost of your order online.

When deciding whether or not to print a label, enter your download information and address. You can then choose what type of UPS service you want to use and how many items to deliver – for example, UPS Ground or UPS Next Day Air . You must also specify if your package weighs more or less than 70 pounds.

Select a pick-up time and let them know where to pick up the package – for example, the garage or front door. Here is a list of shipping rates depending on which service you choose – next day delivery is more expensive than ground shipping.

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Amazon can download your packages.

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What happens to Amazon returns?

If you need return an item to Amazon but cannot come to a nearby Kohl's store for a drop-off in the store, or if the store is temporarily closed in your area, you can still return one package – but it's a little tricky. When selecting a return, you must change the default delivery method from Kohl's Dropoff to UPS Pickup and then select Confirm Your Return .

Amazon will provide you with a return shipping label, so you just need to repack the item and place it on the porch or next business day pickup.

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