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Galaxy Z Fold 2 pre-orders are live now: When, where and how to get Samsung’s latest folding


Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 looks like a huge improvement over the first generation version.


We got our first glimpse of Galaxy Z Fold 2 on Samsung unpacked August event, there Galaxy Note 20 and Not 20 Ultra also debuted. Tuesday, however, Samsung went all-in on the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Z Fold 2 does not have one but two screens, both of which are larger than what Samsung is used on the original Fold. The front screen measures 6.2 inches, while the inner screen is 7.6 inches and has a refresh rate of 120Hz. There is also a newly designed hinge that allows you to place the screen in several viewing angles, and it is now covered with a thin layer of glass. And it has 5G connection.

Better yet, you do not have to wait long to get Z Fold 2 in your hands. Samsung has started taking pre-orders right now at the cool price of $ 1,999.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting the Z Fold 2 on launch day.

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When can I buy Galaxy Z Fold 2?

Pre-orders are live right now. Orders arrive on Tuesday, September 18, the same day as in the store.

Unless otherwise stated below, all resellers and operator partners will start pre-ordering at the same time.

What colors does Z Fold 2 come in?

Z Fold 2 is available in Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black.

You can also customize the color of the hinge when ordering directly from Samsung. You can choose between Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, Metallic Red and Metallic Blue.


Z Fold 2 has a new hinge.


What is included in Premier Service?

Everyone who buys a Galaxy Z Fold 2 has access to first-class customer support, which provides private consultations to teach you how to use your new phone and troubleshoot problems. You also get access to the Founder’s Club for one year if you pre-order, or six months if you order after launch.

You also get access to golf clubs across the country, along with a handful of other benefits. You can read more about the complete service on Samsung’s website.

How much does Z Fold 2 cost me?

The single configuration of the Z Fold 2 comes with 256 GB of storage and 12 GB of memory, which you can expect to pay $ 1,999.

Order from Samsung | TO | Verizon | US Cellular | Best buy

There is also a Thom Browne Edition

Pre-orders for a special version of Z Fold 2, in collaboration with the designer, will also start on September 2, with deliveries starting on September 25. Z Fold 2 will have a “geometric gray and signature multicolored stripe” designed to look like fabric. Each Thom Browne Edition comes with a Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Buds Live, along with custom accessories. You pay a premium for the special edition Z Fold 2 and everything that comes with it. It costs $ 3,299.

Buy Z Fold 2 from these dealers and carriers


Samsung takes pre-orders for Z Fold 2. If you own the original Galaxy Fold ($ 1,980 at best buy)or Galaxy Z Flip ($ 1362 on Amazon), Samsung is offering up to $ 800 credit at the price of Z Fold 2. If you do not have a foldable Samsung phone to trade with, you can get up to $ 650 against your purchase by shopping in a eligible device.

We have seen that some people get a $ 25 discount on the cost of Z Fold 2 when they ask to be notified of updates on its availability or reserved before pre-orders are opened. It may not be a bad idea to reserve a Z Fold 2 right now, while you wait for orders to go live later tonight.

Best buy

Best Buy will have an unlocked version of the Z Fold 2, along with a Verizon-specific model. The unlocked version costs $ 1,949 if you activate a new service line. Otherwise, it costs $ 1,999.


AT&T customers can pre-order the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and expect to pay $ 66.67 per month for 30 months, or $ 1,999 full retail price. The phone will be available online and in stores on launch day.


Verizon customers will have to wait a few extra hours to pre-order the Z Fold 2 on September 2 at 3am ET. Verizon Wireless splits payments for Z Fold 2 over 24 months, which means that the monthly payment is $ 83.33. You can get up to $ 550 off the total price when you shop with a qualified device and sign up for an unlimited plan, and you have the potential to earn a $ 250 gift card when you send your number to Verizon from another carrier.

US Cellular

US Cellular does not take pre-orders for Z Fold 2. It carries it online but not in stores.

We will continue to update this story as more operators and retail partners announce their plans, so keep checking again.

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