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Game of Thrones season 8, section 3: How to watch, recap, schedule and how to stream HBO without cable

  Play of Thrones, temporada 8

Streaming games of thrones is one of the things we do for love.

Helen Sloane / HBO

Yes, this weekend was all about Avengers: Endgame – but coming out of it, we're back to the last season of Thrones game. That's because there are only 4 episodes left, and the battle for Winterfell lies above us. And that's a big change from the first two episodes, which were about … talking. Our heroes experienced reunions, first encounters, and revelations abundantly in the first episode, titled Winterfell . And in the other, a knight of the seven kingdom there were several reunions … and revelations, plus plenty of drinking, singing and hanky-panky .

Episode 3 looks like less talk, more fight. The living are finally all gathered for the coming fight against the dead. And if this is really the battle for Winterfell, it is rumored to be incredibly bloody and could end up with some of those who live, yes, not so vividly . Here is episode 3 trailer .

So how can you stream any action in Westeros ? You need a way to look at HBO. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy ways to subscribe, even if you do not have a cable, starting with HBO Now and HBO Go . Please note that CNET may receive a share of the revenue from the sale of the services on this page.

Online HBO option compared to

* $ 25 monthly = 1/12 of annual $ 120 Amazon Prime fee plus $ 15 per month for HBO

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Schedule

This last season will consist of six, supersize episodes. The premiere has the shortest driving time for the season at 54 minutes. Episode 2 is 58 minutes, and the last four are about 80 minutes each. It will all be over – sniffing – in mid-May.

Plan to clear your Sunday evenings at 9 am (8:00 am Central) in the United States, from now until mid-May. Here is the schedule:

  • Episode 1: Winterfell (54 minutes, now available on request)
  • Episode 2: A knight of the seven kingdom (58 minutes, now available on request)
  • Episode 3: 28 April 82 minutes)
  • Episode 4: May 5 (78 minutes)
  • Episode 5: May 12 (80 minutes)
  • Episode 6: May 19 (80 minutes)

(Episode lengths via EW) [19659024] HBOs main two streaming options

Add HBO to a streaming service

You can add HBO to four of the TV streaming services below for an additional monthly fee. If you are a GoT fan and also a subscriber to Sling TV or YouTube TV, apologize for reporting that you are unlucky: no service offers HBO. Here are four that do.

Play of Thrones in the UK, Australia and other countries

Play of thrones, according to HBO, flies in all but four countries around the world – but not necessarily on HBO itself. In the UK, for example, HBO programs are on Sky Atlantic and Sky's online services Sky Go and Now TV. In Australia, Game of Thrones flies on TV and online at Foxtel. In both countries the show flies at the same time as in the US (ie early Monday) and is repeated on Monday night.

And for the record, the HBO limits the use of VPNs used to stream any of the above services from outside the United States.

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Originally published March 5 and regularly updated as episodes air.

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