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Generate viral memes as a pro with these apps for your iPhone "iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

If you use the internet regularly, it is almost impossible to avoid memes. They are the epitome of internet culture, which shows how jokes can spread and change as a fungus. While there are many different types, the most common images and pictures are humorous text accompanying them, and we have found the best iOS apps to help you create your own.

When you search the App Store on your iPhone, you notice that most of the meme-making apps are criminally gone, mostly full of options like rage comics and Advice Animals. It is not necessarily a bad thing, because old memes still work well today, but we were looking for something a little more relevant.

App 1
: Mematic: The best all-round option

You would be hard pressed to find a meme maker on iOS better suited to modern memes than Mematic. It's the platform, so there's an Android app available, but the iOS version is very superior. The features include a rich text editor, an infinite delivery of meme templates, the ability to create GIF memes and additional customization.

Right of the bat you notice seven meme templates to choose from, including the classic top text and bottom text looks. After choosing a template, it is time to choose the background and there are many options to choose from.

There are four free solid background colors you can choose (there is more in the Pro version), you can upload your own picture or video, or you can choose an image or GIF provided by Mematic. The available images and GIFs displayed in the app come from Unsplash stock photos, Tenor GIFs, and a small library of popular memes.

While the memes library is not the biggest we have ever seen, there are memes old and new here, so you can stay up to date with the current trend or go to primary school.

When it's time for the dice on the cake – add text – you get two free fonts to choose from, as well as further in the Pro version. The text editor also has retroactively large letters, resizing tools and two colors each for filling, shadowing and contouring effects. More colors are available in Pro.

There is also exclusive access to emoji stickers, but only by installing a separate app called Emoticons. Other than the only real drawback to mentioning here is that there are no pruning tools, so what you see is what you get. But when you finish creating your meme, you can easily share it via the sub-archive to Facebook, Reddit, Twitter or any of the other social apps you use.

There is a Pro version for $ 2.99 each month, or you can choose to go to the annual rate of $ 17.99, which is about half the cost of 12 individual payments. With Pro, you get access to all Mematic fonts, text colors and background colors, as well as the ability to add a custom watermark and remove all ads. There is a triple test available, so you can always cancel before the three days are up.

App 2: Meme Maker: Find more backgrounds and customizations

Mematic has the best overall meme options to find and edit your own creations on the way to memory, but the number of available memes you can choose from is missing. To help fill that void there is Meme Maker. This app is very much a "retro" meme machine, so if the rage series is your thing, Meme Maker has taken you. Mematic may have some old memes in their library, but it can't be compared to Meme Maker's frozen-in-yellow collection.

Meme Maker's text editor is very simple; You have the classic meme font and the size of the top and bottom of the frame. In addition, you can add custom text with font editing, sizes, colors and optional sketches.

As we said, Meme Maker's meme library is super old, so you can even do some Advice Animals memes in flight if you want. On the flip side there is also a large selection of stock photos available, and you can also upload your own pictures, so you are not locked into forgotten memes from the past. While Mematic allows you to choose GIF from Tenor, Meme Maker uses Giphy, perhaps a more impressive animation list.

Once you have selected your meme, you can apply borders, stickers and colors to customize it to your liking. There is also an editing tool that lets you cut out some of your meme to become a sticker.

You can also rotate your meme as well as crop it, either manually or by choosing from one of the many included dimensions. To share, you can simply use the stock sheet as in Mematic. And there is no paid version at all, so you don't have to worry about paying a sum for any of these features.

These apps are the only ones you need

Due to meme apps, apps are the best bet for meme-making on your iPhone. Between the two you will not need any other apps to create successful meaningful internet memes.

If you are curious about making mems on Android, Mematic would not be our first recommendation, and there is no Meme Maker because it's just iOS. But Android has its own set of excellent apps to create memes, so be sure to see which ones we ranked best of the best.

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Cover Image, Screenshots and GIFs by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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