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Get a Refurbished Dyson Ball 2 Animal for $ 275 ($ 125 Off) – Review Geek


We think Dyson Ball 2 Animal is the best general vacuum you can get for pet-filled homes. And today, Amazon is selling a refurbished edition for a steep $ 275 discount.

Dyson offers some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market and quickly picks up as much dirt as you left and wondering how you survived in such a sick and dirty home. Unfortunately, the only thing that sucks more than the vacuum itself is the pricing. Dyson Ball 2 Animal is usually $ 400 and no matter how much fur it picks up that can be hard to swallow.

Thankfully, Amazon offers thanks to a refurbished model with a steep discount today. Amazon tests and inspects these devices for any deficiencies, and makes any repairs as needed, thus ensuring a "new state of operation".

The vacuum comes with all accessories (including the animal-specific attachments), but must not come in the original box and contains only a six-month Dyson warranty instead of the standard five-year warranty. With that said, we ordered the previous model renovated in 201

7, and it still goes strong.

If you've always wanted a Dyson but can't justify a 400 pricing, it might be time for you to treat yourself a cleaner house that is.

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