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Get a refurbished iPhone 7 for as low as $ 220 from Woot – Review Geek

  Apple iPhone 7

Did you stay away last week's iPhone 6 store? Maybe you thought the model was a little too old or too slow. Woot has you covered today's iPhone 7 deal; You can get as low as $ 220.

We still think the iPhone XR was the best smartphone released in 201

8. But not everyone wants or can release $ 750 or more on a smartphone. And while we love FaceID, you might think you will miss the classic home button and TouchID.

If you're you and you're still running an iPhone 6 or older, you might want to consider today's Woot iPhone deal. $ 220 or $ 260 will get you either a 32 or 128 GB iPhone 7. Depending on the size you choose, you can choose either Black or Rose Gold (the black model is only 128 GB).

The iPhone 7 looks very much like the iPhone 6 at first glance, but the changes inside were huge. This update introduced a four-core processor, more frame and a lighter screen. You also get 3D Touch baked in, which is something even the iPhone XR can't say.

Your potential drawbacks? The iPhone 7 is the model that killed the headphone jack, and the Woot agreement does not include an adapter or charging cable. In addition, Woot warns that as this is a refurb, you should expect some scratches and dents. Woot tested the phone for functionality and offers a 90-day warranty, but don't expect a whole new look from the box. The odds are that you should throw a case on it anyway.

But there are minor disadvantages – especially if you already have a light cable. And by accepting these disadvantages you get a solid iPhone at an affordable price. Just make sure to select the bands that work with your carrier (CDMA for Sprint and Verizon for example).

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