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Google Photos adds image depth editing and color palette for portraits for iOS users

The Google Photos & iOS app now features two very useful features for editing image editors tabs: a deeper and fine color popup option.

The same features were rolled out to Google Photos users on Android in early October and now iOS users can join the fun. The new depth slider gives you some impressive results on images taken in portrait mode, which are required for both functions. Color pops remove color saturation from the background of your photo so that the subject pops.

To use the new features, you must first open a photo or take one that you have used iOS Portrait Mode with. Select the second icon at the bottom of the screen (the one that looks like a lot of controls) and you'll see a new option here: Depth.

You can now use this slider to change the depth of field in your photo even after taking the photo in Portrait Mode. You can erase the depth, increase it, whatever you want, simply drag it to the left and right.

You can change the focus with the small circle shown in the image. Drag or tap the image to adjust to your liking.

Color pop allows you to touch the image's image to maintain its color while the rest of the image will fade to black and white. To use it, click the main photo icon with an image open and then select it in the list of filters. It should be the second in the list and clearly marked. You need to tap or drag the circle of your photo to the correct area to get the topic fully selected, but the results are quite amazing.

The depth control and Color Pop features now roll out to iOS users. If it does not appear for you yet, you may want to check back later, as it seems to let out to some users before others.

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