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Google Pixel 4A: how to pre-order

Google has announced the Pixel 4A, its new mid-range Android phone that packs in features similar to the Pixel 4, as an excellent camera and astro photography mode, but at a much more affordable price. It will be available from August 20 for $ 349. Check out Dieter Bohn’s video review, embedded above, for everything you need to know or read his full review here.

Pre-orders are available in a few places, including Google’s own store, Amazon and Best Buy. Compared to shopping for most other phones, it is easy here. There is only one size, one storage configuration and one color. So really, your only decision is where to buy it and if you want a case included in your purchase.

Starting with Amazon, Google sells the Pixel 4A for $ 389, and it includes a fabric case with the purchase. At the time of publication, Amazon does not only offer the phone, so your only choice is to get the phone and the case together.

In the Google Store, you can pre-order the Pixel 4A for $ 349. It takes an exchange if you want to go that route and you can get a serious discount on the Pixel 4A by shopping in your older device.

Best Buy accepts pre-orders for the phone and the locked phone costs $ 350. If you want to activate it with a carrier, Best Buy will beat $ 50 off the price.

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