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Grab ‘Into The Breach’, aka Giant Robot Chess, for free at Epic Games Store – Review Geek

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Epic Games Store for PC continues its weekly magazine. Some weeks are better than others, and this one is really good: You can grab it In The Breach for nothing, zero, nada. In The Breach is an excellent turn-based strategy game, one that we chose as one of the best games of 201

8 (which did not need a graphics card).

In The Breach is often described as “giant robot chess”, and it’s a pretty good way to sum it up. You control up to three robots at a time and move over a very small turn-based grid to hit giant alien bugs in the face. (You can also shoot them and zap them, but punching is great, as explored in the documentary Pacific Rim).

Different machines have different weapons, and it is possible to predict the bugs’ fairly basic movements to cause them to injure each other or fall into environmental traps. In fact, as the stages of the game get harder, even your fully upgraded mechs will not suffice, and you will have to rely on the strategic positioning of the aliens to turn their strengths into weaknesses.

Screenshot for intrusion
Subset games

As you move from battlefield to battlefield, you gain access to upgraded equipment and more skilled mech pilots. The punishing difficulty means you probably have to restart several times, but thanks to a few sci-fi slogans, you can take your best pilot with you in each new game and try different combinations of a few dozen robots to find the best synergistic strategy for to defend the planet.

Try In The Breach. It’s free until Thursday, September 17 at the Epic Games Store. It’s also available on Switch or Steam (if you hate Epic) for a very fair $ 15.

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