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Grab these Arlo Security Lights for $ 99 ($ ​​180 off) from Best Buy – Review Geek

  Two Arlo Security Lights and a bridge

We like Arlo's wireless camera system so much we included it in our 201

8 gift guide. If you want to add more power to your Arlo cameras, Best Buy Arlo Security Lights has 99 SEK. It's a giant $ 180 discount.

If you are not familiar with Arlo, it is known for wireless cameras at a lower cost than Nest. One of Arlo's advantages is the use of Z-Wave over cameras, security lights and door clocks, which means that the devices can spread across your house and still communicate.

Z-Wave products can form a network network and then return to a bridge for communication with other compatible products. Z-Wave usually also uses smaller batteries than Wi-Fi devices.

It gives Arlo safety lights a special advantage because they can extinguish rechargeable batteries, so you don't have to run cables. They are also weatherproof, so they are primarily for outdoor use. In addition, the lights can send mobile alerts if they are enabled, and if you have Arlo cameras, the security lights will wake up the cameras and tell them they are starting to record. Saying you don't need Arlo cameras need these security lights.

One drawback is the cost of their safety lights, usually a two-pack safety light with two batteries and a bridge going for $ 230 on Amazon.

But Best Buy has beat it today with a pretty amazing deal. You get two lights, three batteries (one as a spare!) And the bridge for 99 kronor. It's less than half the cost, and you get an extra battery.

If you have thought of adding security lights to your home, it is time to act.

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