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Here's all we know – review Geek

It has been talked about folding screens for years at this time, with Samsung as always at the forefront of these rumors. And today, at the self-development conference, the company showed its first folding phone.

While the details of the device are particularly scarce, we know that it contains two monitors: one large one on the inside (this is the one folded) and one smaller on the outside. The inner panel-the larger, folding one-was said to be 7.3-inch. The size of the smaller screen was not announced.

For a better idea of ​​how this works, take a look at this poison:

The overall design of the device was hidden inside the kind of bulky outer shell to keep its overall appearance more of a secret, which makes this look like an early functional prototype than it resembles a handset phone. And that's literally everything we know about the hardware right now, but it's still more than we knew before the SDC keynote, so that's at least something.

They also provided some insight into the software. Google announced this morning that Android will support built-in monitors – or "foldables" as they call them – and Samsung had a Google engineer at SDC to talk that partnership. Future versions of Android will have foldable features that are built-in by default, but the exact effects and extent of these features will be unavailable.

One thing that Samsung turned out to be, however, is a new multi-window mode that supports three apps on the screen at the same time in tablet mode. Samsung was one of the first companies to bring some kind of multi-window to Android phones (far ahead of Google's official support) so it's sensible that the company seems to take this to the next level.

[19659002] There is not much to say about the new device – which went anonymously at the event, maybe I add – but it was noted that the declining display technology will be mass production next year. It shows that we could see that this device met the retailer sometime in 2019. It was also mentioned that we would hear / see more about this device at Samsung's forthcoming unsuccessful event, rumored to be on CES 2019.

We "I will be on the floor for CES, but until then, we have looked into the eyes for more information about this mysterious folding tone, which in some way raises more questions than it answered.

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