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Here's how to back up your Android phone

Phones are getting better at automatically backing up data, but unfortunately there is always the possibility that you lose your phone or drop it in water and lose everything. Thankfully, there are many ways to back up that data, which means that even if something happens to your phone, you will not lose all the embarrassing pictures of your children you would show on their 21

st birthday.

Whether it's through Google, a third-party app or your computer, here's how to back up phones so you're never in a situation where you end up with lost data.

With Google

Backing up most of your data is actually quite easy with Google, and it has become much easier in recent years. Unfortunately, there is no single backup method for Android phones through Google, but there are ways to back up different types of data. Keep in mind that these options do not cover things like SMS, but we have an entire article to help you with that. Here's how to back up your data with Google.

Photos and videos

  Google Photos logo AA

If you're not already using Google Photos, you should be. The service automatically backs up every image and video you bring to the cloud, so you never have to manually back up your media ever again. If the Photos app is not on your phone, you can download it here. Once installed, you must make sure Photos are set to automatically back up your files. Here's how:

  • Open the Google Photos app
  • On the menu, go to Settings
  • Touch "Back up and sync"
  • Make sure the power switch is turned on

The best thing about Google Photos? You can upload as many files as you want for free. Photos and videos will have a maximum upload quality of 1080p for the free unlimited storage option, which should be good enough for most. If you want to keep the original resolution quality of your photos and videos, you can, but it will count towards your Google Drive storage limit. To check the upload quality of Google Photo:

  • Open the Google Photos app
  • On the menu, go to Settings
  • Press "Back up and sync"
  • Touch "Upload size"
  • Select it Options You Want (High Quality With Free Unlimited Storage or Original with Google Drive Storage Limits)

Of course, you have more than just photos and videos on your phone. Here are some ways to back up the other files:

Other files

  backup android phone

With Google Drive you can store your other files in the cloud, which means they will be available from all connected devices. To manually upload folders and files, follow these instructions:

  • Download the Google Drive app if you do not already have it
  • In the app, press the "+" button
  • ] Press at & # 39; Upload & # 39;
  • Select the files you want to back up
  • That's it!

Settings and apps

To back up your phone's settings and apps, you want to use Android Backup Service. This service basically backs up the apps you use and the settings you've chosen in most Google apps, making it easy to restore those settings to a new phone. For a complete list of what is backed up with Android Backup Service, head here . Otherwise, follow the instructions below to enable it:

  • Open Your Smartphone's Settings App
  • Scroll down to "Accounts and Backup" and press it
  • Touch "Backup and Restore"
  • Switch to "Backup My Backup" data "change and add your account, if not already

And that's it! Your device should be pretty much backed up now. Of course, if you want to use a third-party service instead of Google's own.

Using other backup options

  Backup apps Google Play Store

Google services are good, but if you are looking for a more comprehensive solution – one that backs up all at once, that is – you may need to use an app from third parties.

Not busy phone

There are lots of great apps out there to back up your data, and one of the best is Super Backup & Restore . It lets you back up individual items on your phone, such as apps, contacts, SMS, calendars, voice calls, and more. Users can define where the backup is for easy localization later, and you can also schedule automatic backups along with backup to cloud storage.

  • Download Super Backup & Restore
  • You will see a list of product categories that you can back up (Pictures, Apps, etc.)
  • Choose which category you want to back up
  • Select the individual the items you want to include in your backup
  • Touch "Backup"

And that's all there is. Something, right?

Vote phones

  best root apps for Android

While most don't need to root their phones to back up what they need, rooting the phone can help you back up some more things . By rooting your phone, only everything on your phone can be restored, including things like app settings, system data and even Wi-Fi passwords. One of the most widely used programs for backing up a rooted phone is Titanium Backup. W Hile Titanium Backup Safe looks a little outdated, it's really a very powerful app. To back up your files using Titanium Backup:

  • Download and open the app
  • Press the menu button at the top right and select "batch actions"
  • Select everything you want to back up [19659065] About this is the first time you back up your device, at least you want to "back up all user apps" and "back up all system data"
  • You can also choose to back up the files to Dropbox or Google Drive, which you may want to do if you lose your phone
  • You can also choose to create a recoverable .zip backup file [19659068] This ensures that even If your phone's system files become corrupt or any other hand that prevents you from starting up your phone, you can restore your phone from the backup
  • Back up your computer

    Instead of backing up your device to the cloud or to the phone itself, you may want to back up all your files to your computer for easy access later. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to do, and the process is pretty much the same if you're a Mac or PC user. However, Mac users must download and install the app Android File Transfer. To back up your Android device to a computer:

    • Connect your phone to your computer with your USB cable
    • On Windows, go to "My Computer" and open the phone's storage
      • On Mac, open the Android file transfer
    • Drag the files you want to back up to a folder on your computer

    And that's it!

    Whether you need to create a full backup of your device or just want to make sure you don't lose your photos, backing up your phone shouldn't be difficult to do. Thank goodness it is not! If you can think of some better ways to back2up your phone, let us know in the comment field.

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