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Here's how to delete your search history from Google

We already know that Google collects a lot of data on us, and much comes from search. Google offers lots of ways to limit the amount of data you lie around, but they are not easy to find. Starting today, Google makes it easier to see and delete your search activity.

Previously, you could visit your Google Account in Settings on Android phones or on the web on iOS, tap Manage your data and personalization and then My Activity to see your search results. Then you needed to tap the three-point menu and select Delete to get rid of something. Finding your search history on the desktop was equally difficult.

Google greatly simplifies the process. Instead of looking up your account, you can see your story every time you search for something. When you search for a term in Chrome, you can manage the entire search history without leaving the browser or interrupting what you did. Here's how it works on phones:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account in Chrome.
  2. After starting a search, tap the Hamburg menu to the left of the Google logo
  3. Select Your Details in Search ]
  4. Scroll down to Your Recent Activity
  5. Touch ] All Search Activity

In the desktop version of Chrome, all you need to do is click the new "Manage Your Data in Google Search" link under Google Search and I Feel Lucky ] buttons on the Google homepage. Alternatively, click Settings and select Your information in Search from a search results page.

The following steps will guide you to your full search activity page for your account, where you can see all your recent activity, delete individual results or full day's history using the three points next to each search term.

  Google search data krom IDG

You can find your search history directly in your smartphone browser now.

But you do not even need to get that granular anymore. On the first your search data page, Google has added practical buttons that let you either delete your search activity in the past hour or key in full search history if you just want to start everywhere.

You'll also find quick switches to web and app activity and voice and audio activity so you can quickly turn off access and ad customization settings. These settings are important if you want to restrict Google's tracking without searching for things like site access and assistant results.

Google unleashes this change in Chrome and other desktop and mobile browsers today and will push the change to the Google app on iOS and Android "in the weeks moving." And Google also promises to expand the 2019 feature feature, as well as "many other Google products."

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