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Here's how to find and use all your Siri shortcut suggestions

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Siri Genvägar came along with iOS 12 in September 2018, together with the shortcuts and all that meant. The two functions performed the iOS automation game considerably, but not without causing confusion. Here's what Siri Shortcuts are and how to use them.

If you are not unclear about the differences between Siri Shortcuts and shortcuts, you are not alone. Apple has not done the best of jobs that explain the two features and how they differ, nor does the iPhone community as a whole. The two functions are linked in many ways, and the similarity in the name also makes it easier to distinguish between them.

However, it is important to remember that Siri Shortcuts and shortcuts are really different, and earlier, the most user-friendly of the two.

What is the difference between shortcuts and Siri shortcuts?

In a nutshell, shortcuts are the app that Apple built based on the Workflow app it bought in 201

7. Similar Automator on a Mac can shortcuts often create complex automation using the building blocks offered. Shortcuts can appear in compatible apps and allow custom shortcuts that can drastically reduce the time required to complete a repetitive task.

However, Siri Shortcuts are different. When developers build their apps, they can present features for using Siri Shortcuts. These are predefined things like playing a playlist in a podcast app or opening a particular file in a notifying app. In some cases, iOS will also notice some of the things you have previously done and recommend a Siri shortcut for use. You can then enter a custom voice command to activate a Siri shortcut via, you guessed it, Siri.

Where is Siri Shortcuts and how do I use them?

You will find Siri Shortcuts that your apps provide in a few different locations. Good apps make them visible in the app, perhaps under a menu option. If not, a good place to find Siri Shortcuts that you may not know exists is to enter the Settings app.

Once in Settings, press "Siri & Search".

 In the Settings app, click Siri & Search

You can see some suggestions for shortcuts here, but to see a full list, tap "All shortcuts."

 Touch All Shortcuts

Here's a full list of the apps you have installed that also support Siri Shortcuts. If an app supports many Siri shortcuts, the list will be controlled. You can press one of them to activate it, or click the "View All" button to see each Siri shortcut available to a particular app.

 Click Show all links next to an app if the Shortcuts page is not & # 39; t show everything

Finally, press the red recording button to record the phrase you want to say to invoke the Siri shortcut when needed.

 Touch the record and then say the phrase you want to use

When this process is complete, it is so easy to activate a Siri shortcut as pointing out Siri and speaking the desired phrase.

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