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Here's how to get Hello Hello Doorbell messages on your Google home page

You can easily get Nest Heal video messages directly on your phone, but if you're at home on the sofa, you can also get alerts directly on your Google home page.

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This is a feature that Google home users have been able to take advantage of for a while now, but with Google homepage and it built-in screen, you can now have the Nest Hi video file pop up when the doorbell rings, which is much better anyway.

How to set it up

The process of setting up Nest Hello Messages on the Google homepage is the same for setting it on all other Google Home Devices and we have a guide that will guide you through the process.

This is because you need to download the Google Assistant app if you're on iPhone (Android users are already good at going there). Then, enable "Visitor Messages" in your Nest Hi Settings in the Nest app.

At that time you connect your Nest app with the Google Assistant app and you are

To view the video manually at any time

Aside from the video file pops up when the doorbell rings, can you manually download Nest Hear video file by saying something like, "Hello Google, show me the front door" (or whatever you named your Nest Hello).

The video feed begins to start streaming on the display. To end it anytime, just say "Hello Google, Stop" or you can swipe from the left side of the screen to return to the main screen at home.

If you have other Google Home devices around your house, they can also let you know when someone comes to the door. And with the Hello Hello's Familiar Faces feature enabled, your Google home can even tell exactly who's standing at the door if it recognizes the person.

If you do not have enabled faces enabled, usually no Google home is more than just a glorious door clock at that time. But on the plus side, if you usually hang in an area in your house where you usually can not hear the usual clock, something like this can be quite useful.

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