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Here's how to make the Mac keyboard output key useful again

  Apple Magic Keyboard
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Mac's magic keyboard has an output key, but it doesn't need it because modern Mac devices don't have any devices to send out. You can reuse that key so that it does something more useful, and we'll show you how.

Below, we'll take you through three different ways to get the most out of your Mac's Eject key. Some of them require you to download additional apps, and some will not. But they are all pretty good and best of all, make a key-free key more useful.

Using Functions Embedded in macOS

macOS has its own set of keyboard shortcuts that utilize the output key and are enabled from the box. Here's a quick look at what you can do without additional software:

  • Control + Eject presents a dialog that allows you to put your Mac in sleep, restart it, or shut it down.
  • Command + Option + Eject puts your Mac in sleep.
  • Control + Command + Delete restarts your Mac.
  • Control + Option + Command + Delete turns off the computer.
  • Control + Shift + Eject puts your screen in sleep mode but keeps your Mac awake.

However, if you want to get a little more from the keyboard output key, there are some third-party options to help the superpower.

Using Carabiner

Carabiner is an app that lets you configure the output key to mimic other keystrokes or mouse clicks. It has more advanced options for more powerful customization as well, but for our purposes here we will focus on its simpler options.

Open Karabiner-Elements from the folder's application folder.

 Start Karabiner Elements

Select the Simple Modifications tab and click the "Add Article" button at the bottom of the window.

 Click on simple changes. Click Add Item

Click on the empty box in the column "From Key" and select the key that you want to change the behavior of. For our purposes, click on "Eject."

 Click on the empty box in the From column. Select the key you want to change the behavior

Do the same in the "To key" column, select the key, press that you want the output key to initiate.

 Click on the action you want the output key to initiate

Test your work by pressing the Eject key. If everything works, your selected keystroke will start. If you need to edit a function, change "From Key" or "To Keys". To undo everything, click the "Delete" button next to the item.

Using Ejector

Ejector makes it fast and fast It is easy to send out a volume if it is an external hard drive, a USB device or a disk image. There is a cost of $ 10 if you plan to use it full time, but you can try it because of seven days of trial.

To get started, give it a download and install it. Press the Eject key, and Ejector opens automatically. From there, click on the volume you want to output and then click on the "Eject" button.

 Click on a volume. Click on eject

If you find that you need to send volumes regularly, Ejector can be worth your ten dollars. Ejector can also force out stubborn volumes – press and hold Options + Alt when you click "Eject" to force macOS to output the volume.

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