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Here's how to remove or install a SIM card on an iPhone

Each iPhone has a SIM slot on its right side. This slot holds a compartment that holds your iPhones SIM card. The SIM card allows your phone to connect to your carrier so that you can make and receive mobile data.

You will never need access to your SIM card if you purchased your iPhone with a preinstalled from the carrier. However, if you buy a phone unlocked and SIM-free, or you buy, you must be familiar with what a SIM card is and how to replace one.

Thank you, access an iPhone SIM The card slot is not complicated, but you need three things before you begin.

  1. An iPhone (of course)
  2. The SIM Card You Want To Install
  3. A tool to point into the side of your iPhone to eject the SIM tray

The last one can be a little tricky. Depending on your iPhone, there may be a SIM card removal tool in the box. If that is, you're good to go. If not, they are dumb-cheap on Amazon, but you can also use an orblade paper clip, a needle or almost anything else that is narrow and pointed. Just try not to throw yourself as you go.

When you have your SIM card removal tool (or a proxy), point it into the small hole included in the SIM tray. You should feel a bit of resistance, and you have to press it a bit. If this is the first time you do, it might feel a bit odd, but you need to exert some power to get the output tray. Once you have done that, the tray begins to spray, and all you need at that point will pull it out of the way.

When the tray is out, remove any existing SIM card and install the new one. Make sure you have it properly using the oblique corners as a guide. Once the card is installed in the tray, insert it all into your iPhone and make sure the holes are aligned with the hole in the phone as you do.

When the card installation is complete, it should be recognized by your iPhone without any device being restarted. If not, try changing the flight mode on and off or restarting iPhone completely. It should get you started just fine.

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