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Here's how to start a iMessage group chat on iPhone and iPad

There are many reasons to enjoy Apple's ecosystem and iMessage on the list. Instant messaging that binds directly to iOS, watchOS and macOS is a compelling proposition. Group messages are an important part of it as well.

Being able to have all your friends, colleagues or family in an iMessage thread, and sharing photos, videos, or other media directly can be great for productivity. Additionally, it's just fun, something easy to overlook when choosing a tool that we all use daily. Starting a new group chat is as simple as you can expect, but as with most things in this world it's just easy if you know how.

Start a new group iMessage Chat

The best place to start a new iMessage chat, whether it be with a single person or 50, will enter the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad. It is an icon that you are undoubtedly already familiar with, and if you are not already, you will soon be enough.

Then click on the New Message icon in the top-right corner. It looks like a sheet of paper with a pen in a corner.

After pressing the New message icon, a new blank chat will be displayed. At this time you have two options. The fastest option is to start typing in the name of the first person you want to include in the group, followed by the second, third, etc.

If you prefer less writing, click on the plus icon to display the contents of your address book. If you tap a name, add them to the group if they do not have multiple contact points to choose from. In that case, you can choose the one you want to use.

Once you've added the people you need, just enter your first message in the composite box and you're looking for the contests.

After you send the first message, you can find the newly created chat thread in the Messages for future use app.

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