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Here's what apps that track your iPhone location

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Apps on your iPhone can track your location, but you must give them access first. Here's how to check which apps can monitor your GPS location and revoke their access.

As important as secrecy is to let some apps track our site makes them much more useful ̵

1; and sometimes it is necessary. It is unreasonable to expect Google Maps to work as it should without Google knowing your location, but does the notable app need to know where you are? Maybe maybe not.

Where you stand on these things is a personal decision, and it is not one we are here to argue. We are here to show you how to take control of which apps know your location and when to track it.

It is also important to remember that some apps need your location data to be able to do their job. Revoked access to your site may stop some important functions from working. Keep in mind when checking which apps can and cannot access your data.

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How to see Apps tracking you

To see a list of apps that have requested access to your location data, open the Settings app and press "Privacy."

 Open Settings and press Privacy

Next tap "Location Services".

 Pointing to location services

The next screen shows each app that can request access to your location data. You can also see if you have granted that access and if so, if the app can access your location all the time or just when you use it.

To drill into a specific app, tap it. [19659003]   Touch which app you want to edit

Here you can see three different options (and a field next to the active one):

  • Never : The app will never access
  • When you use the app : When the app is open and active – in other words, when it is on your iPhone screen – you get access to your data.
  • Always : As the name suggests, if this option is selected, the app will be able to access your data whenever it requests it.

  Note the selected option

How to recall access to location data

If you decide that you no longer want an app to access your location data, you can revoke that access. Open settings and press "Privacy."

 Open Settings and press Privacy

Touch "Location Services".

 Touch Location Services

Touch the name of the app you want to revoke access to.

 Touch which app you want to edit

To make sure the app can no longer access your location information, press "Never". [19659003]   Never press

How to tell when an app has access to location data in the background

If an app has access to your location data but is not active, in other words, if it accesses your location in the background when you do not use it-iOS will display a blue notification at the top of the screen to alert you.

If you see this message and do not know which app is owed, it will start the app in question. You can go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services, tap the app's name and tap "Never" or "Under the App's App" to prevent it from accessing your site in the background.

 Blue clock confirms that the place is reached

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