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Here’s why you always see green and orange dots on your iPhone «iOS and iPhone :: Gadget hack

You feel like you have a pretty good grip on your iPhone today. So What is the deal with the green and orange dots? They were not there before, and now you see them everywhere. Sorry to say that you can not prevent these points from appearing, but when you know Why they are there, maybe you just want them left.

You’re right – these dots were not always on your iPhone. They’re actually new to iOS 14. They’re just one of the more than 200 brand new features and changes that Apple made to iPhones this year. Still, it does not explain Why these dots are always on your device. Let̵

7;s go into that.

One of Apple’s big goals with iOS 14 is to improve user privacy, especially by adding more transparency to how your iPhone uses your data. These points are indicators that an app on your iPhone is currently using your camera (green) or microphone (orange).

In cases where an app uses both video and audio – which happens quite a lot since most video recordings also use audio – you may see the orange dot flash briefly before being replaced with the green one.

Orange dot for sound (left); green dot for video (center); orange dot to green dot for both (right).

Many times it becomes quite obvious that your iPhone is using the camera or microphone. Are you filming in Snapchat? Green dot! Record a note in voice memo? Orange dot!

Where the function really comes in handy when you see a dot without there being a clear reason why. If you scroll through a social media app and suddenly see an orange dot, you will wonder why that app needs to use your microphone.

In these moments, you can access the Control Center to see a more detailed explanation. You see the app that uses or used your camera or microphone.

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Cover image, screenshots and GIFs by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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