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How do you sell your old Samsung Galaxy (without being ripped)

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If you are tempted by the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus or another new smartphone then you want to sell your old handset. Many used Samsung Galaxy smartphones change hands every day, but you need to plan properly if you want to secure the best price.

Whether you have a Galaxy S7 Edge, S8 Plus or S9 to sell, the sooner you do it, the more money you will likely make. Let's take a closer look at how to sell your old Samsung Galaxy.

Sell it directly to others directly on Craigslist, eBay, etc.

There is a humming trade in used Samsung Galaxy smartphones on eBay, Craigslist and other sites where you can sell your old phone directly to a private buyer. The prices are variable and it is not as simple as some of your other options below, but this is perhaps the most lucrative way to manage your old phone.

You can set your own price and possibly get a quick sale, but you should be prepared to deal with timers, junk mail and some inconvenience to send the phone or meet someone to replace it for money.

Our recommended service in this category is Swappa, as it provides good protection for buyers and sellers. It is absolutely free to list your Galaxy at Swappa, with a sales fee for the price of potential buyers. The verification images are reviewed by the staff, and an IMEI check is performed to ensure that the handset is not stolen or blacklisted. You should include shipping costs in the price and be ready to ship within two days of receipt of payment.

Shop for credit

If you don't mind accepting gift cards or credit, you can shop your phone online or in the store at a variety of locations. Enter some simple details in an online form or take it to a store and get a quick evaluation. If you are satisfied with what is offered, you can send your phone for free or leave it. There are many options here, but Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Verizon and Best Buy are among the largest.

Samsung also offers some type of call-to-call calls, which usually provide up to $ 350 in credit for the purchase of a Galaxy S1

0 or S10 Plus depending on the condition of your old phone. It may be worth the wait until the Galaxy S10 announces next week to see if this deal will be available.

Sell it to a Business

There are many companies dedicated to buying old electronics that happily pinch your old Samsung Galaxy. You can enter information in an online form and get a quote in seconds, they often provide free mail packages, and you get payment by check or PayPal within a few days of sending your phone. Why are you honest when you apply for a quote, because they only pay out after a satisfactory inspection.

One of the biggest players in this category is Gazelle and it has a related service called ecoATM, which is an automatic kiosk that you can put your old Galaxy into to get money in place. You can find kiosks in shopping malls all over the country. Other services that are worth checking out are Glyde, uSell, Decluttr and Blazing Electronics.

How much your old Galaxy is worth

Finding the best price is about doing a little research. You can take a shortcut with an aggregation site like Flipsy or SellMyCellPhones but be aware that they don't list all the options out there. We have examined some average prices for you, so you can see how much three different phones can download if you were to sell them at the time of publication. Be aware that prices fluctuate and tend to decrease the elderly as a phone gets. These prices are based on a fully functional telephone in good condition with cable, charger and box. These are cash offers unless otherwise stated. Remember, you also have to pay for eBay's packaging and postage and Swappa.

Used 32GB Galaxy S7 Edge on Verizon in good condition

  Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge "data-image-id =" 930377
Jessica Lee Star / Digital Trends

Jessica Lee Star / Digital Trends [19659021] Swappa: $ 197

  • Blazing Electronics: $ 132
  • Decluttr: $ 121
  • eBay: $ 120
  • Gazelle: $ 115
  • uSell: $ 109
  • Amazon: $ 100 (gift card )
  • Best Purchase: $ 55 (Gift Certificate)
  • Used 64GB Galaxy S8 Plus on AT&T in Good Condition

      Galaxy Note 8 vs. Galaxy Note 7 Software
    • Swappa: $ 304
    • Blazing Electronics: $ 282
    • eBay: $ 254
    • Decluttr: $ 206
    • Amazon: $ 170 (Gift Certificate)
    • uSell: $ 162
    • Gazelle: $ 150
    • Best Buy: $ 127 (gift certificate)

    Used 64GB Galaxy S9 unlocked in good condition

      samsung galaxy s9 review
    Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends
    • Swappa: $ 423
    • eBay: $ 370 [19659] 022 ] Blazing Electronics: $ 352
    • Best Purchase: $ 310 (Gift Certificate)
    • Decluttr: $ 278
    • Amazon: $ 247 (Gift Certificate)
    • Gazelle: $ 235

    Tips to Remove [19659049] Sell soon : The sooner you sell, the more you get. When a new Samsung Galaxy model is announced, lots of selling their old phones are hoping to raise their money to upgrade to the latest and greatest, so prices can be sharply lowered. It is based on supply and demand, but prices will surely decline over time. It is worth noting that some websites will lock in your price, but still give you 30 days to send the galaxy.
  • Do your homework : Buy all the options for the best deal. Sometimes it may be worth shopping with your operator, or maybe you are willing to take less money to make it possible to get it immediately, but if you do not do your research then you do not know what is a real price.
  • Wipe your phone completely before selling it : You do not want your old photos or other personal data to fall into the wrong hands, so make sure you back up your valuable files and factories Reset your phone. Don't forget Factory Reset Protection – you can find out everything you need to know in our guide to wipe your Android phone.

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