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How to add a website to your Chromebook shelf

Bookmarks are good to keep your favorite places nearby, but they are not the fastest option out there. Why not add shortcuts for your favorite sites right on the Chromebook shelf?

If there is a website, you go several times a day ̵

1; especially if it's critical to your business – each step means you need to spend more time where you need to be. Have your favorite sites right on your Chromebook shelf (the taskbar farthest down where you see open app icons) makes them so much faster.

How to add your favorite site to your Chromebook shelf

Start by visiting the site for which you want a shortcut. Select the menu with three points in the upper right corner.

Hold down the "More Tools" menu and then select "Create Shortcut."

Change the shortcut name if you want, and then click "Create."

That's it! The website icon will always be on the shelf, ready when you are. By default, the site opens in a new browser tab. But you can give the site a separate window by right-clicking or long-clicking the icon, hover over the arrow and then selecting "New Window."

This makes the app feel more like a built-in application than just a site, and it may be good for sites like Netflix, YouTube, and other places of consumption where you do not want the visual distractions that come from having other browser tabs.

These shortcuts are synced with your Google Account, so even if you're using another Chromebook, you still have them on your shelf and in your applet box. With that your favorite spot is always a click away!

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