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How to add crossfade transitions between videos in Adobe Premiere Clip «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Crossfades is a great way to get from one scene to another. They bridge the gap between two videos in a fresh and fun way. But can you also use this transition in a smartphone editor? You beat what you can and it is extremely easy.

Adobe Premiere Clip, available for Android or iOS, has a crossfade utility built-in. During a crossfade, better known as a resolution in filmmaking, the effect overlaps both the end of a clip and the beginning of another, "resolution" a clip in the other seamlessly. Just like a fade or fade, crossfades are good to indicate that time has passed between two scenes, but they can also be used for other purposes.

To gain access to the crossfade effect, you must be in the freeform editor. If your project is in the automatic editor, or if you haven't started a project at all, check out the link below to get your next big video set.

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To add a crossfade to your Adobe Premiere Clip freeform project, just press the gear icon at the top of the screen to open the project's settings. It only switches to "Crossfade between clips." Premiere Clip will now automatically apply the crossfade effect to all clips in your project. Simple, huh?

iOS (left) against Android (right).

] If you haven't noticed it now, there is a big drawback to using this option in Premiere Clip – you can't specify which clips you want to crossfade for and which you wouldn't. However, it will create a good effect for your project, especially if you have a lot of clips that do not have much to do with each other.

Two scenes using a crossfade (left) against the same two scenes without the effect (right) .

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Cover image, screenshots and GIFs by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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