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How to add presets to Adobe Lightroom

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Presets is one of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom's most powerful features. with them you can use the same settings over and over again.

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In addition to developing presets, Lightroom has preset for most of its functions. For example, there are metadata presets, import settings, export settings, keyword sets, slide show presets, watermarks, and more.

While you can create your own presets, there is a thriving community and marketplace for presets made by other people. Let's see how to install them in Adobe Lightroom.

Why use presets

The major advantages of presets are that they are consistent and fast. If you always make the same few adjustments to an image, you can use them with a simple click with a preset. This is great for professional photographers who have to process hundreds or thousands of images.

 Beach and field scenes displayed before and after presets are applied

If you have just started and you are not fully familiar with all Lightroom editing tools, presets offer a way to give your image a unique look look while you learn to do things for yourself. It is a mistake to rely on developing presets completely, but you can think of them as supercharged Instagram filters.

Finally, some of the other Lightroom presets make less known features more powerful. For example, there are presets that allow you to export time losses directly from Lightroom.

How to find presets

While you can create your own presets, it is much easier to use those made by other people. Lots of successful, well-known photographers like Trey Ratcliff and Jared Polin sell or offer free-of-charge presets. If there are any photographers whose work you love, it is worth checking out their website to see if they are selling someone.

 Trey Ratcliff's preset collection website

You can also find thousands of presets on marketplaces such as GraphicRiver. If there is a certain look or feel you want, there is a good chance someone is selling it there.

How to add presets to Lightroom Classic CC

Since Lightroom 7.5, Adobe has changed how Lightroom manages presets. Now, developing presets is at least easier than ever to add. Open Lightroom and move on to the development module.

 Development module in Lightroom

In the preset part in the left sidebar, click the + icon and then select "Import presets".

 in the preset section, click the plus icon and select import settings

Navigate to the presets you want to import. For this example, I use Trey Ratcliff's free presets.

 find the presets you want to install

Click "Import" and the presets are added to the sidebar under "User Settings

 after clicking on Install, the presets are available on the left sidebar

How to add other presets to Lightroom Classic CC

To add other presets, the process is slightly different. I demonstrate this with Sean McCormack's Lightroom time-lapse template.

Open Lightroom On Windows, go to Edit> Preferences. On a Mac, go to Lightroom> Preferences.

 open the lightboxes and click on settings

Select the "Presets" tab and then select "Show All other light room settings "under Location.

 On the preset tab, click Show all other light room settings [19659006] Navigate to the correct folder for the preset you want to add. For example, since I add a slideshow template, I have to open the Slideshow folder.

 Find the presets you want to install

Drag and drop the preset in the User Templates folder

 drag and drop them into the User Templates folder

Exit and restart Lightroom, and the preset is ready for you to use.

Presets is one of Lightroom's best features. Now you know how to install all the presets you want.

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