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How to automatically change your Apple Watch Face during the day

Apple Watch automatically switches to a dial
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If you regularly use different dials at different times of the day, you may be tired of switching between them manually. What if the Apple Watch did this automatically? How to automatically change your Apple Watch face during the day.

Ideally, the Apple Watch should have a built-in setting to change the face of the watch at a specific time. Say, a modular dial from 1

0 to 18 and a dial for photos from 18 to 10. Although this is still a dream come true, starting with watchOS 7, you can change the face of your watch at any given time using the built-in Automation shortcut app on your iPhone.

The entire installation process works with the Automations function in the shortcut app. When it’s done, you can forget about it. You will see a message when the shortcut is triggered.

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To start the installation process, open the “Shortcuts” app on your iPhone and then switch to the “Automation” tab.

Go to the Automation tab in shortcuts

Click here on the “+” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Press the Plus button from the Automation tab

Select the “Personal Automation” option.

Touch Create personal automation

In the “New automation” section, select the “Time of day” option.

Touch Time of day

Select the “Time of Day” option here and enter the time when you want to change the face of the watch. From the “Repeat” section, make sure the “Daily” option is selected. Then press the “Next” button.

Select Time and select the Done button

Now you configure the shortcut part of the automation. Click the “Add action” button here.

Touch Add Action

From the search field, search for and select the action “Set the dial”.

Select Set Watch Face Action

Now, on the “Actions” tab, press the “Face” button.

Press the Face button

You see a list of all your dials. Select the dial you want to switch to.

Choose one of your watch faces

The shortcut is now ready. Press the “Next” button.

Press the Done button after defining actions

Annoyingly, automation in the shortcut app is not triggered automatically by default. They must be triggered from a notification. Fortunately, you can disable this feature. Press the switch next to the “Ask before driving” option.

Press Shift next to ask before driving

From the pop-up message, select the “Do not ask” option. Your automation runs automatically in the background and you only see a message that the shortcut has been run.

Press Do not ask

Press the “Done” button from the top to save the automation.

Tap Done to save automation

Your automation is now created. At the specified time, it is triggered and your dial changes. You get shortcut notifications on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Shortcut message about changing the dial

You can repeat this process to create more automations to set different dials at different times.

New for shortcuts? Take a look at our guide to learn how to use the shortcuts app.

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