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How to back up your iPhone

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We know how painful it is to start when you lose a phone, why we have come up with some of the best resources to back it up.

Learn how to back up your iPhone to your computer is easier than you might think, as there are some great Apple tools that are perfect for the job.


It's been a long time since iTunes was just a way to store and play your music. Today, it can act as a good backup tool for your iPhone's most important memories. Here's how to back up your iPhone to your computer.

Step 1

: Open iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone to it. If you ask for verification, follow the steps on the screen.

Step 2: Choose your chosen device in iTunes. If iTunes doesn't recognize your device, follow these Apple Help steps.

Step 3: Select Summary from the Setup menu on the left, if not already selected. Under Backup heading, select This Computer from the backup options. If you want the backup to be encrypted, select the respective field. If you do, make sure you remember the selected password or store it in a password manager.

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Step 4: When done, click the blue Back Up Now button on the right side.

Step 5: When the backup process is complete, check under the heading Latest backups to confirm if the backup was successful.


Apple's iCloud is a service that can handle backups manually or automatically and will display your files away to a server somewhere far away. That means you are not only protected if your device dies, but if your entire home is destroyed and all your electronic devices fail, photos and anything else you consider important will be safe.

Keep in mind that the free version is currently limited to only 5 GB of data – which means you will probably not be able to back up all your photos and video clips – but you can always choose one of three premium storage options for up to 2TB of space.

Step 1: Press Settings and select your name.

Step 2: Press iCloud . If you haven't used it before, you can choose which programs or files your iCloud backup should focus on.

Step 3: After doing so, select Backup from

Step 4: If you want iCloud to automatically back up your iPhone regularly, select the option iCloud Backup under the heading Backup . If you would rather back up manually or just want to trigger another backup right now, press Backup Now .

Step 5: When done, confirm that the backup is correct by looking at latest backup time.

For more information on using iCloud on your iOS device and other operating systems and platforms, see our in-depth look at how to use iCloud. [19659004] Safe and secure

Now your iPhone data is safe from unpredictable chance and destruction. We can't say the same for the phone's hardware, which is always susceptible to slippery fingers, but if you've found a bulletproof case, be good and throw your iPhone around with ruthless abandon. Together, your data is backed up and stored securely.

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