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How to block emails from specific senders in Microsoft Outlook

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There are some people you never want to hear from. You can not prevent them from sending e-mails, but you can set up Microsoft Outlook to automatically delete the e-mails as soon as they arrive. Here’s how.

There are two primary methods for automatically deleting emails in Outlook: Rules and Sweep. Rules are exactly how they sound ̵

1; rules for the Outlook client to follow. You can set a rule that says that Outlook should permanently delete emails from a specific sender as soon as they arrive.

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Sweep is a tool built into the Outlook web app to clear emails from your inbox. It’s a little easier to use than rules, but it does not have all the complexity and strength of the rules. However, it is more than enough for this job.

One rule applies only to the Outlook desktop client, and Sweep applies only to the Outlook Web App. If you use both the web app and the desktop client, you need to set both.

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Use a rule in Outlook Desktop Client

Rules work in the folder you create them in, so you need to select an email in your inbox for this to work. After selecting an email message, click Home> Rules> Create Rule.


Click “Advanced Options” in the “Create Rule” panel that opens.


Check the box next to “Off [name]”Alternative. This is the person whose emails are automatically deleted before you see them, so make sure they are the correct sender. From there, click “Next”.

The rule guide with

Then select the “Delete it permanently” check box.

The rule guide with

A confirmation dialog is displayed. Click the “Yes” button.

The deletion confirmation message.

Now select the “Next” button and “Next” again to get to the last page of the wizard.


Give your rule a name, enable the “Run this rule on messages in” Inbox “option, and click” Finish. “

The last page of the control guide.

Your rule has now been created and all emails from that sender will be deleted immediately and automatically as soon as they arrive in your inbox.

Use a swipe in Outlook Web App

Sweep works in specific folders as rules, so you need to select an email in your inbox for this to work. Once you have selected an email, click “Swipe” in the toolbar.

The toolbar in Outlook with

Select “Move all messages from the inbox and any future messages”, set the “Move to” folder to “Deleted items” and then click the “OK” button.

Soup panels.

That’s all there is to it. Click “OK” in the confirmation dialog.

Dialog for confirmation of sweep.

Unlike the rule in the Outlook client app, swipes will not bypass the Deleted Items folder. This means that all items that are automatically deleted will be visible in the deleted items, so you will sometimes need to empty that folder.

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