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How to block Robotexts and Spam messages

Robotexts and spam are a fact of life, but that doesn't mean you have to cope with them. To block SMS text messages.

You hear the sound of an incoming text message. You appreciate your phone and believe the message can be from a friend or family member. But no, this is a robotic text, a spam message sent to you by a spammer trying to help you click on a link, open an attachment, call a number or do something else that is likely to cause problems.

Robotexts and spam messages are a fact of life, just like robocalls and spam. But that doesn't mean you have to cope with them. Just as you can with spam phone calls, you can block and stop robot texts with the right tricks, techniques and tools.

Robotexts may not be as invasive as robocalls, because you can largely ignore them, but that does not mean these types of texts are harmless. Depending on your mobile plan, you may be charged for incoming text messages, so there is already a financial burden. From there, things can become even more dangerous if you are not careful.

Accidentally clicking on a link or attachment in a spam can trigger malicious code infecting your phone. Plus, if you have ever responded to a spam message, even by mistake, your phone number is probably marked as valid and may have spread to other scammers, increasing your chances of getting more spam messages. So, how do you handle robotexts and spam messages? There are some ways.

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