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How to browse as a guest in Chrome and on a Chromebook

Guest mode for Google Chrome and on Chromebooks is perfect if you need to borrow your computer to a friend without giving them full access to all the personal information stored in your browser. How to browse as a guest.

What is the difference between guest mode and incognito state?

While neither guest mode nor incognito mode saves information while browsing, there are some differences that distinguish the two and may have you

How private browsing works and why it does not offer complete privacy

Guest mode

Guest mode is a separate, temporary account in Chrome and on Chromebooks that clear your digital track for you when you sign out or end. It is perfect for when someone wants to borrow your computer to access the internet or if you use a public computer, such as one in a library or school. All you do when browsing as a guest is not saved. This includes cookies, passwords, history and access to extensions. Guests cannot view or change the computer owner's Chrome profile.

While using Guest mode, guests cannot access any of your personal data stored in your browser. This includes all your bookmarks, existing browsing history, saved passwords, autofill data, and other Chrome settings.

Incognito Mode

Incognito mode is best used to browse privately on your own computer, not just to search for inappropriate websites without leaving a track ̵

1; and just like guest mode, Incognito does not save everything you have done when you surf. Incognito also disables add-ons you have installed in Chrome unless you grant the extension.

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While using Incognito mode and The main reason why this should be reserved for use on your own computer – you still has access to all your bookmarks, existing browsing history, saved passwords, autofill data, and other Chrome settings. These are things that you do not want others to use your computer to take care of.

But that's why Guest mode exists. It is a better option for letting someone else use your computer.

How to browse as a guest in Chrome

Now that we have all the gritty little details out of the way, we turn up Chrome and enable Guest mode. [19659008] With Chrome open, click on your profile picture at the top right and then click "Open Guest Window."

If for some reason you don't see "Open Guest Window," don't worry. Click "Manage People" to open a window with a list of Chrome accounts for your browser.

 If Browse as guest does not appear, click Manage people instead

From this window, click "Browse as guest".

 Then, from the window that appears, click Browse as Guest

No matter which method you use to get there, a new window is opened which is now Use the guest account in Chrome.

To exit the guest mode, click on the guest icon at the top right of the guest window and then click "End guest".

[19659008] The window closes with your entire browsing history, cookies and recording of everything you did while using Guest mode with it.

How to browse as a guest on a Chromebook

Using a Chromebook as a guest works like a similar to what it does in Chrome. You log in to a temporary profile, then when you are done, log off and the guest account will be dried clean and leave no trace of your existence on the computer.

Logging in to a guest profile is super useful if you do not want to be logged in when you borrow your Chromebook to a friend or when using one in a public space, such as at a school or library.

You must sign out before entering the guest account, so if you are signed in to the Chromebook, click on the time in the system tray and then click "Sign out."

 Click on the time in the system tray and then click on logout

Next, from lock Click "Browse as guest".

 From the login screen, click Browse as Guest

If you use your Chromebook at work or at school and do not see "Browse as a guest," your administrator has turned off guest search, and you may need contact them to activate guest search.

Browsing and using a Chromebook with a guest profile is limited in functionality and the apps available on it. You will also not see any user's files.

 Guest mode for Chromebook is limited to very few apps and settings

To log out of a guest account, click on the time in the system tray then click on "End guest".

 When done, click on time in the system tray and then click Exit Guest

All your files, cookies, site data and surfing activity will be cleared when you log out of the guest account.

Guest mode stops Chrome and Chromebook from saving your data, cookies, passwords, and browsing activity, but it doesn't completely make you anonymous online and you can still be visible to:

  • Sites you visit, including ads and resources used on these websites
  • Your employer, school or the network operator you use
  • Your Internet Service Provider

If you really want to surf the net anonymously, try downloading and using Tor.

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