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How to buy concert tickets with Alexa

Buying tickets online has become a stressful and frustrating process. Furiously refreshing the page to knock out scalpers to buy Beyoncé tickets is certainly no favorite pastime. Next time, try using Alexa.

Yes, the Amazon voice assistant can now order tickets for concerts, sporting events and other live events at Ticketmaster.

Find tickets with Alexa

If you know exactly what shows you "are you looking for, you can ask," Alexa, ask Ticketmaster to find tickets to Hamilton. "

Are you not sure what you Want to see? With a simple voice command you can search for events that happen around you. Say "Alexa, open Ticketmaster" or "Alexa, ask Ticketmaster to find events this weekend."

You can ask your Amazon Echo ($ 1

00 on Amazon) specific questions about events found on Ticketmaster, like "Alexa, ask Ticketmaster to find concerts in San Francisco" and "Alexa, when is Jimmy Eat World touring?"

You can search by saying the event's name, events in your city, events during a certain date range, or even just giving an artist or team name.

To limit your search, tell Alexa how many tickets you want to buy and give your desired price range

G your purchase

To complete your purchase, you must activate Ticketmaster Skill from the Alexa App. Then you need to link your Ticketmaster account to Alexa, again in the app.

Once you find the event and tickets you want, use your stored payment information on Ticketmaster to complete the purchase. Just follow the prompts Alexa gives you. Once you have completed your order, you will receive a confirmation email as you would if you purchased tickets from the Ticketmaster website or app.

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