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How to buy tweaks and apps that work with Sileo for jailbroken iPhones "iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Sileo is an ideal place for developers to view apps, tweaks and themes that Apple would never allow in the App Store. While a majority of these packages are free to try, there are jailbreak apps that cost money for your iPhone. But actually paying for mods can be a little tricky.

As a successor to Cydia, it is likely that Sileo will also have payment support for you to buy tweaks in the app. Unfortunately, Sileo is still in its beta stages, so it's far from an end product. This means that it is still limited compared to Cydia when it comes to processing in-app payments, as you will soon see below.

Option 1
: Buy tweaks from external resumes

Processing payments for tweaks is available in external repositories such as Packix and Dynastic are made outside Sileo, so before you can buy anything you need to add repos to Sileo first on your iPhone.

After the repo has been added and you have found a paid tweak you want, tap "Buy" on the tweaks listing page. Then log in to your Facebook, Google or Discord when prompted. This login is used to remember your repo purchases if you use a new jailbroken iPhone or have additional jailbroken devices.

Once logged in, you will be taken to a PayPal payout page, so either enter the desired payment information or sign in to your PayPal account, and then follow the instructions to complete your purchase. You will then be transferred back to the repo page to complete an additional step.

Since the source repetition is outside Sileo, you must link your device with a configuration profile to install tweak you just purchased. To do so, tap the green "Link via profile" button on the repo page, and then tap "Allow" on the permission prompt that appears to continue. Note that you can also "Link via Cydia", but if you use Sileo exclusively, it makes no sense.

You will be transferred to the Settings app afterwards, then click "Install" at the top right and then press "Install" again to confirm the installation. Once the profile is installed, you will be redirected to the repos Safari page again, but this time to confirm that the device is linked to your newly purchased tweak.

In the case of refunds, you can choose either contact PayPal within 30 days or contact your bank directly and then follow their instructions to process refunds.

Option 2: Buy tweaks found within pre-installed scratches

Unfortunately, the possibility of buying tweaks from built-in repos as BigBoss is currently not supported on Sileo because of its beta status, which means you have to trust Cydia to do it. However, this may be a problem, as Cydia also shut down its payment system in the app by December 2018, so you can no longer buy tweaks from built-in repositories.

Option 3: Access Cydia purchases in Sileo

Even though you can't buy domestic tweaks directly from Sileo or Cydia, you can still install tweaks you previously purchased from Cydia. Open Sileo and then press the avatar icon at the top right of the "Features" tab. Then select "Sign in to Cydia Store" and sign in with either your Facebook or Google account.

After logging in, you can see your list of purchased apps by clicking on "Installable Purchases" within your account page. Keep in mind that the process of synchronizing your Cydia purchases in Sileo is automatic, which means you can install your pre-purchased tweaks as long as they are still compatible with your iOS version without having to pay again. 19659017] How to buy tweaks and apps that work with Sileo for jailbroken iPhones ” width=”532″ height=”532″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>

  How to buy tweaks and apps that work with Sileo for jailbroken iPhones

As previously mentioned, Sileo is still in development, so we are sure to add up an update because more payment functions are rolled out. Meanwhile, leave a comment below for any thoughts or questions you may have.

Cover image, screenshots and GIF files by Amboy Manalo / Gadget Hacks

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