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How to buy Walmart foods using a Google home device

Walmart and Google pair up for you to create a shopping list and order food from Walmart. That means you can use a Google Home Voice Assistant like a Google Home Stay or Home Hub to do your shopping. It's called Walmart Voice Order. Here's what you need to know, how to activate the process and what it is designed to do best.

Step 1: Download Walmart Grocery Store

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First, Walmart needs a way to link your Walmart account to Google Assistant. You do this through the app Walmart Grocery, so your first step should be to go to Google Play and download the app yourself. Open the app and sign in with your Walmart account or create an account if needed. While ordering through Google Assistant, the Walmart Grocery app is the one that will give you updates on your order, so be sure to enable alerts if needed. You can learn more about how the app works here.

Step 2: Create Your Grocery Store

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When Walmart Grocery is set, Google Assistant will automatically access it no matter how you use it. That means you don't have to make any additional settings with Google's home (or any assistant device you prefer to use). You can just start talking.

Start by saying, "Hello Google, talk to Walmart." Assistant is now awake and waiting for you to create your list. You can now give commands such as "Add bread in my cart" or "Add milk to my cart." Chances are that you, for example, have a certain type of bread you like, so feel free to say "Add Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread to my cart." other than food that way. If you go long periods between putting things in the list (which often happens in busy households) you can add items one at a time by saying "Hello Google, ask Walmart to add two avocados in my cart."

Other times you can't be sure of exactly what type of grocery store you need, especially if you've never bought it before. Sometimes you can say, "Hello Google, ask Walmart to recommend Thai curry sauce" and so on. The assistant will then give you a specific option to buy if available.

No matter how you order, Google Assistant then lists the specific brand and type of product it has found and how much it costs so you know what you order.

Step 3: Checkout to complete your order

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When your list is complete, return to the Walmart Grocery app. Here you can see all the foods you have collected. You can also jump online and visit your Walmart account through the Walmart website if it gets easier.

Review your list and make sure your items are accurate, especially if you were looking for a specific brand or type of food (more on that one moment) and making the necessary changes. Choose a delivery or pickup option and note any fees so that you know how much extra you need to pay. When you are done, complete the purchase and make your payment.

Step 4: Learn Your Assistant

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This method of ordering via Walmart comes with learning functionality. This means that the app is attentive to your account and what you prefer to order. While this may sound a bit unpleasant, it's really extremely useful: When Walmart Grocery can access your previous preferences, it can quickly re-brand the same brands and sizes.

This means that when you say "Add milk to my shopping cart" you just need to specify the type of milk once. Then the app will remember it, and you can only say "Add milk" from afterwards. This gives you good reason to be as specific as possible when ordering new products with voice commands.

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