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How to cancel Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a lot. For either $ 13 per month or $ 120 per year, the dealer's paid subscription service offers a number of benefits in addition to the free two-day freight (and even the same day-to-day service where available). You also get lots of extras like Amazon Prime movies and programs.

But you can find the price unjustified, especially if you do not use Amazon so much – and price increases do not help, as the latest jump for new members that came into force in January 2018. Or maybe you've completed Prime Day offers, and now you're ready to continue. However, Amazon has made it very easy to cancel, and the dealer can even give you some or full refund depending on how much you used your Prime membership.

Step 1
: Find Your Settings

The first thing to do is to switch to Amazon.com and log in to the Amazon Prime account you want to cancel.

When you're there, turn the "Accounts and Lists" button in the upper right corner under your name, giving you a rather long drop-down menu.

  how to cancel amazon prime membership membership

Step 2: Know what you give up

  how to cancel amazon prime membershipe2

To take you to your Prime Member account page with information about the benefits of. Take a moment to look through the benefits to make sure there is nothing you will miss.

When you're sure you want to cancel, look over the left side – you'll see your member information and when Prime is set to renew. Below you see an option for "Exit Membership and Benefits ." Click on it and you will be taken to a page that starts the cancellation process.

Step 3: Confirm Cancellation

  How to Cancel Amazon's First Page

Then you will be presented with some options, along with another opportunity to review the benefits you lose if you cancel. If your account is linked to other Amazon features, like Twitch, you'll see those listed here as well.

Surprisingly, Amazon makes a big game to try and keep you, but if you're determined to go through your cancellation, then you have a couple of choices. To cancel your membership at the end of this billing period – click "Remind me later" if you want to use Prime for it. Click "Finish My Benefits" if you'd rather agree with it and possibly get a refund. "

Refunded amount, if any, is based on your usage and time left. So if you barely used Prime and prepaid for an entire year then you will see a larger refund, while an account near the renewal will be seen less back If you click on "Keep My Benefits", you will return to the Prime Account page without cancellation.

Remember that when you cancel, you are still considered a customer. Thus, your Amazon account is still active. That means if you sign up for Prime again you must pay $ 120 for one year or $ 13 for a month immediately. However, you are entitled to a free trial every 12 months so if it has been a while you can save a little by starting with trial.

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