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How to change your default email app in iOS 14 from Mail to Outlook, Spark, Gmail and more «iOS and iPhone :: Gadget Hack

One of the most important changes in iOS 14 is something we have wanted for a very long time, and it will change the way you use your iPhone. Since the very first iPhone OS 1 (yes, before it was even “iOS”), we’ve stuck with Apple Mail as the default email app. That everything is changing now.

Apple now lets you choose a third-party email app by default, an unmatched feature when you think of Apple’s ecosystem before iOS 14, where everything benefited its own apps and services above all. Now you can switch Mail to something like Microsoft Outlook or Spark Mail, and it’s easy to do. Best of all, email links that you open from your contact list or a browser now open in your new default browser.

Quick Note: Once you have set your default mail tap, it will return to Apple Mail when your iPhone restarts. This is probably a 1

4.0 error that will be corrected in a future update. Until then, as a solution, delete the Mail app and the default setting should always be the third-party app you selected.

Change your default mail tap in iOS 14

Just open your Settings app, then scroll down and find a third-party messaging app that you want to set as default on your iPhone. Right now I’ve only seen it work with a few apps, but it’s a new feature, and other developers are jumping on board in no time, I’m sure. Here is the list of available apps so far that we have found:

Tap the third-party app and see if there is an option for “Default mail tap”. If available, select it. If not, the app has not yet added support, so you can wait or ask the developer of the app when and if they will support the feature.

After pressing “Default mail app”, just select the new app. All available apps will be displayed here, so you do not get stuck and switch to the third-party app whose settings you specified. Exit the settings and you are done.

Activate your default app in other apps

Now we’ll test it. Open all contacts in the Contacts app, then tap their email address. You should get a popup asking you to let it open your email app. Select “Open”, then a new draft will appear directly in your new standard app. Future instances should work without having to hit “Open”.

Now it works in more places than just contacts. Although we’ve had zero luck in Safari (they still open email drafts), apps like Firefox and DuckDuckGo will let you open links formatted with the “mailto” URI (Uniform Resource Identifier).

Some apps actually allow you to do this before iOS 13, but using their own URL schemas. For example, Google Chrome would ask you if you wanted to open Mail or Gmail, and it still works that way because it has not yet incorporated iOS 14 changes.

So if you see an email address hyperlinked, click on it and it will ask you to open the link in your chosen app. From now on, when you open an email link in an app that you allow (ie press “Open” in the popup window for), you should not get the prompt again for[CurrentApp]”want to open”[MailAppName]. “

Open mailto links in Firefox (left) and DuckDuckGo (right).

Switches back to Apple Mail

To switch back to Apple Mail, go to “Mail” in Settings. Then select “Default Mail Tap” and select “Mail” again. Note that when Apple Mail is the default, you will not see the “Default Mail” option in the “Mail” settings – only in third-party settings. Without a doubt, it’s a way that Apple quietly discourages you from weaning its own apps.

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