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How to check if your HP portable battery has been recalled

At the beginning of 2018, HP issued a battery withdrawal after it was discovered that some of its portable batteries could overheat and catch fire. HP then released the steps you needed to check if your laptop battery was affected by the recall.

Recently, HP extended the recall and has issued a call for users to check their batteries, even if they were previously cleared.

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HP has a sharp new angle on 2-in-1 laptops


Only this time, instead of entering a serial number on a website, HP has released a tool that checks if the battery is revoked and needs replacement.

Affected models

Here is the current list of potentially affected HP models:

  hp-list-of-recalled laptop batteries

Screenshot of Jason Cipriani / CNET

Everything clearly last time? Check again.

It is worth repeating: If you have checked your battery when the recall was first announced and received it clearly, HP says you have to check again. Overheating batteries pose the risk of catching fire, so take a few minutes of your time and check your battery again.

How to check

As previously mentioned, the old process needed to find and enter the unit's serial number on its own web page. Now HP offers a validation tool that you need to download, install and run.

You can download the tool from the recall page here. The download link is in the Getting Started section, under the heading Download HP Battery Charging Tool .

If the tool determines that the battery needs to be replaced, it puts the battery in the battery safety mode, allowing it to continue using the notebook as long as it is connected to a HP AC adapter . The battery is not charged during this time, eliminating the risk of it. Once in battery safety mode, instructions to get the battery replaced by HP will be free of charge.

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