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How to check your photos with Google Lens

Would you like to learn more about the photos you take? Google Lens can identify the people, places, and things you've taken in your photos.

You have taken a photo of an unusual animal, an interesting place, a classic artwork or a product in a store and now want to know more about it. A tool that can perform this trick is Google Lens.

Built in Google Photos for iOS and Android, Google Lens can scan a photo and run a search on it. The image may be an existing image in your library or one you just snatched. The search results can identify the object or location in the photo along with a name and description. Depending on the photo, you can usually run a more comprehensive Google search, image search, or even search for text on a photo.

Google Lens is also available for Android through Google Assistant and as a standalone app for some Android phones. This is how it works.

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