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How to choose Microsoft Surface to suit you

The family on Surface computers is now big enough to cause some confusion for those who think about buying one.

Is the small surface the best fit for your workload? Perhaps the removable Surface Book 2 is a better choice, even though it's more expensive due to the included keyboard and optional discreet graphics? How about the newer Surface Pro 6 or Surface Laptop 2? These devices look a bit similar at first redness, but there are some pretty differences that you should know about.

Microsoft's 12.3-inch laptop tablet is the easiest to recommend to most. Starting at $ 899, its 8th Intel Core processor, sharp screen and higher RAM numbers resulted in a significant performance and price increase compared to Go, but Microsoft forgot to add a USB C port to this year's version.

The previous generation is not completely left in dust by Surface Pro 6, but the latest model feels snappier and manages easy handling of multitasking without the fans spinning. What has not changed is Surface Pro 6's position in the Surface hierarchy: it's not cheap, but it's not too expensive either. It's quite powerful, but not the most powerful.

Unlike Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 6 will be understood from the Tablet Mode Box, which allows you to deliver a mouse and keyboard. If you want a keyboard that fits in style, Microsoft's official type cover will set you back over $ 100.

With or without the typeface, Surface Pro 6 runs Windows 10 Home and is Ready for your apps and games with full compatibility with x86 and x64 apps. Your accessories will also work with the device's USB-A port. Do you need to plug in via USB-C? Microsoft's $ 79 accessory will help you do that. But besides the financial cost, it occupies the most important Surface Connector used to load Surface Pro, and it's not as good.

There is a big compromise to swallow with Surface Pro 6 compared to your average laptop at a similar cost, especially in terms of performance you get for the price – not to mention the extra cost of all the necessary accessories.

Yet, this surface is a good fit for those who are not too picky but still want access to both a computer and a user-friendly tablet.

Surface Go takes the presentation of Surface Pro and shrinks it to a device with a 10-inch screen. Apart from a decline in performance – but Dieter Bohn says not to underestimate it – not much else is lost in the change in size. And surprisingly, it has got a USB-C port that joins Surface Book 2 as Microsoft's only laptops with built-in USB-C ports.

Compared with Surface Pro 6, this option can be easily switched between tablet and laptop. But it's also expensive expensive peripherals to get the most out of it. Typewriter costs $ 99 and Surface Pen costs an additional $ 100 in addition to Go's $ 399 base price.

Inside, Go is currently the least powerful Surface computer available, and it comes as standard with Windows 10 in S mode. This means that only the Universal Windows Platform apps available in the Windows Store can be run on it. This will not be a problem for those who rely on a small number of popular applications, but if you use a wide range of apps or just like to deeply customize your computer, you're likely to benefit from Microsoft's one-way switch to Windows 10 Pro.

If your computer has to be small, Go is the right choice. Just know that with the optional accessories, you'll quickly go to the Surface Pro 6 pricing.

Surface Book 2 is recharged with extra power for improved battery and performance in the bundled keyboard base.

Available in 13.5-inch and 15-inch models, Book 2 competes more directly with Apple's MacBook Pro. Expect more power across the board and a price increase that corresponds to the profits to accompany.

Both Surface Pro 6 and Go have kickstands that work nicely on tables, but they do not make the most comfortable or stable experience on your knees. Depending on your size, you may need to clamp your legs together to support it, which can be a careful exercise. On the other hand, the book 2 and Surface Laptop 2 lay flat over you like a regular laptop.

Wake up, Surface Book 2 is compact, but it does not. It's not like a genuine clamshell laptop like other Surface devices. A gap in the design between the tablet and the keyboard leaves it somewhat exposed to dust and dirt, and it can prevent it from easily fitting into the backpack and / or backrests.

Apart from its design, the biggest differentiating factor between Book 2 and the other surface plans is the power potential. If you have money to spend, you can manufacture a thin yet formidable laptop that can handle the most creative endeavors relatively easily. But if you're a player, do not get so excited about your GeForce GTX 10 Series graphics.

Surface Laptop 2 is just Microsoft's most cohesive effort yet. It is a full-load laptop that does not allow you to unload it for tablet mode like the other devices.

Now in its second generation, this option is still not the best for those who want shaping versatility above all else. However, if you are looking for an unpleasant experience right from the box, the display and chassis device means there is no need to splurge additional accessories as a type protector. And compared to Surface Book 2, this machine takes less space in a bag and can fit into a tight compartment.

Together with Surface Pro 6, Microsoft recently released its laptop computer with a late update. It has Intel's 8th generation processors, 8GB of RAM at base configuration, and comes in some new colors, but it's basically the same as last year's model in its appearance.

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