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How to connect an Xbox One Controller to your Mac

Sometimes games with mouse and keyboard do not only play it; You need the convenience of a controller to enjoy some games. Fortunately, you can use different controls on your Mac, including your Xbox One Controller.

While PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 will play well with your Mac via Bluetooth, the Xbox One Control will do some more work. However, it's not too tricky and you can pull it off with a little patience.

How To Connect Xbox One Controller To Your Mac

You want to take a micro USB cable to connect your Xbox One or Xbox 360 control is upward because Bluetooth is out. Fortunately, there is still a way to make things work. It will require a little more cunning from your side, but nothing you can not handle.

Go to GitHub first and download the latest version of 360Controller. It should look like the screen below.

Then you want to open the DMG file and double-click the "Install360Controller.pkg" file to get things started.

After that, you have reached the "Standard Installation" screen. Click on "Install". A dialog box will pop up and warn you that you must restart your computer before the installation is complete. Make sure you have saved some files you do not want to lose progress because your computer will start immediately after the installation is complete.

When you are in the installer, it is quite self-explanatory to complete. Just press "continue" until it runs its course.

At one point you will be asked to approve the product license. Select "agree" to get to the next screen. Continue from there until you complete the installation.

After you complete the installation, you will be asked to restart your Mac. You should have saved everything and closed programs accordingly, but if you do not have it, make sure you accept saving instructions now when the computer is restarted.

Now open the Apple menu and click on the "System Preferences" command.

There should now be a small "Xbox 360 Controllers" icon at the bottom of the window. Double click on it.

Do not worry about being called "Xbox 360 Controllers" – it also supports Xbox One controllers. You'll see a screen that looks like this.

You can continue and connect your Xbox One controls via micro USB now and tweak buttons that you think fit. All that remains is to upload your favorite game with control support and have fun!

Image Credit: xbox.com

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