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How to connect echo buttons to your Amazon echo

Echo buttons are simple Bluetooth devices that connect to your Echo devices. When you pair a button with an Amazon Echo, you can use it with routines, games and other skills. They provide a physical extension to your Echo to enable additional capacity where your voice may not be the best option.

You can pair each Echo device in your home with up to four Echo buttons, which is useful if you play any trivia-style game on Echo. But you can do much more with it than that. Everything about the buttons is easy, from using them (just press the button!) To get the devices connected to your echo. And the box contains everything you need, even batteries. Once you have installed the batteries, mating is a simple business.

Mating a Button The Easy Way

Amazon made mating incredibly easy. Insert batteries (as Amazon helps with) in the Echo buttons and ask Echo to "set my echo buttons." Keep in mind that you will connect the button to the current echo so you want to select one that is within reach of where you plan to use the button. Alexa will automatically detect the button and the pair. Just follow the instructions.
If for one reason or another not working, place the echo button in mating mode.

Press and hold until it turns orange (about five to ten seconds).

Then use the voice command again.

Para and Button Manually

If you want, you can use the Amazon App to pair the Echo button instead of using your voice.

First open Alexa App and press the hamburger button in the upper right corner.

Click on the "Settings" option.

Touch "Device Settings".


Select the echo device you want to pair with, then press "Bluetooth Devices."

Press the "pair a new device" button.

When the pairing is complete, the echo button will turn blue.

You can then repeat the process for any other buttons you want to add. When you're ready, you can connect the Echo button to skills, games and routines.

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