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How to copy and paste objects over Apple devices

With the Universal Clipboard feature on Apple devices, you can copy text and images between your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Here's how.

You can copy and paste between one site to another on your iPhone, iPad and Mac, but you can also perform this feature on Apple devices through to use the built-in universal clipboard.

For example, you can copy a link to a web page on your iPhone and paste it into Safari on your iPad, copy an image onto your iPad and paste it into an app on your Mac and copy text on your Mac and paste insert it into an app on your iPhone. You can also copy whole files from one Mac to another.

These tricks are possible because of the continuity feature Handoff, which helps your iOS device and Mac computer to talk to each other. To do this work, you must enable some options on all your devices. Once you have done so, you can paste the same copied object as many times as you like, and it works as smoothly and efficiently as it does on each device.

Keep in mind that the clipboard can only hold one object at a time, which means that if you copy another object on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, the new object will replace it in the clipboard. The copied content is also available for a short time, so don't wait too long to paste it.

You can use AirDrop or iCloud to synchronize and deliver items between your Mac and your iOS devices. But Universal Clipboard can copy and paste content that the other features may not be able to handle.

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