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How to create, share and view Instagram rolls

The Instagram Reels logo.

Reels is Instagram’s attempt to take advantage of TikTok̵

7;s popularity. This feature allows you to create 15-second videos with a handful of fun editing tools. Here’s how to get started.

You may be wondering how Reels differs from Instagram Stories. While stories are more about your daily life, Reels is all about creativity and entertainment. There are some new editing tools to help you do something fun and shareable.

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Instagram Reels is similar to TikTok, but the biggest difference is that it is a feature of a larger ecosystem. TikTok, on the other hand, is exclusively for short videos. If you are already an avid Instagram user, Reels can be more appealing.

How to record and create Instagram rolls

To get started, open Instagram on your iPhone or Android device. From there, tap the camera icon in the upper left corner to open the Instagram Stories camera.

instagram rolls the camera

At the bottom of the screen you will see the different camera modes. Drag to “rolls.”

instagram scrolls

In “Reels” mode, you will see four icons on the left side of the screen. Here are the tools you can use when recording:

  • Music: Select music to play over your clip.
  • Playback: Select the playback speed of the clip. You can use slow motion or fast forward.
  • effects: Instagram’s library of augmented reality masks, backgrounds, games and more.
  • Timer: Predefine the length of the clip so that you do not have to use your hands to stop recording.

instagram scrolling tool

There are some other buttons on the screen as well. You can turn the flash on or off, flip the front and rear cameras, or go to the Story settings.

instagram scrolling tool

To create a roll from pre-recorded videos, you can add media by tapping the plus sign (+) in the lower left corner.

instagram rolls media

Select a video (you can not use photos) from your media gallery.

instagram scrolls the media gallery

You can now trim the video by dragging the ends of the timeline. Click “Upload” when done.

instagram rolls media upload

To start recording a new video, press the camera key. A pink progress bar appears at the top of the screen to indicate the cut-off time of 15 seconds.

instagram scrolls start

Press the camera button again to stop recording or let the 15 seconds end.

instagram tracks progress

To record a clip hands-free, click the aforementioned “Timer” button, select a duration, and then press “Set timer.”

You can then place the phone in a holder or support it and press the camera key to start recording. It will automatically stop at the predetermined duration.

instagram scrolling timer instagram scrolls start

If you stop recording before the 15-second limit, you have the option to adjust new clips earlier for a seamless transition. After recording a clip, you will see a new Adjustment icon appear on the page; tap it to see an overlay of the previous clip. Then move the camera to adjust.

instagram scrolls customizable

Clips shorter than 15 seconds minimize to the left of the camera button. You can tap this to remove the clip or cut the length before continuing.

instagram scrolls review instagram scrolls delete trim

Press the camera button again to add a new clip to the series. A roll can include as many clips as you want, but they must add up to 15 seconds or less.

When you have recorded all your clips, press the Next arrow (>) to start editing. If you spent a full 15 seconds on the first recording, you will automatically be taken to the editing screen.

instagram scrolls the next step

How to edit and share Instagram scrolls

Now that you have recorded a roll, you will see a new set of tools at the top of the screen:

  • Download: Tap this to save the video to your phone.
  • stickers: This is where you can add Instagram stickers, emojis and GIFs.
  • Drag: Doodles on the video with a number of different pencils and color choices.
  • Text: Add text with different fonts and colors.

instagram editing tool

This is also where you can adjust the length of a roll. Drag the handles at the end of the timeline at the bottom to cut the clip.

instagram scrolls trim

When you have finished editing, press the Next arrow (>) at the bottom right.

instagram scrolls done editing

Now it’s time to share your roll with the world (or just a few friends). There are two tabs for sharing your creations: “scrolls” and “stories”.

instagram scrolls share tabs

If you share via the “Reels” tab, your video will be added to your profile and in your followers’ feeds like a regular Instagram post. First click on the preview to select a cover image.

instagram scrolls cover the image

To adjust the cover, swipe across the timeline at the bottom of the screen until you find a still image you like. You can also tap “Add from Gallery” to select a cover photo from your photo gallery.

instagram scrolls set the cover

Click “Done” when you are happy with the cover image.

instagram scrolls cover the image

Now you can give your roll a caption. tap the text box next to the scroll bar to type one.

instagram scrolls sets the caption

If your account is public, the Scroll can also be displayed on the “Discover” tab. This means that people who do not follow you will be able to see it when you browse the public “Discover” tab. It will also appear publicly in your profile.

Switch to “Also share to feed” (not available on private accounts) to also share a roll with your followers.

instagram scrolls share discovery

Sharing a roll through the “Stories” tab simply puts it on your Instagram story, and it will be there for 24 hours. The “Stories” tab is also where you can send the scroll as an instant message to someone or a group.

instagram scrolls stories

How to browse Instagram scrolls

Scrolls are integrated into the main Instagram interface, but there are a few different ways to see only scrolls.

First, scrolls from the accounts you follow will simply appear in your feed and stories. To view scrolls from a specific account, go to that person’s profile page and tap the scroll icon.

instagram scrolls account

Instagram also has a dedicated section for surfing on reels. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Click on the magnification icon at the bottom to go to the “Discover” tab.

instagram discover tab

Press “scrolls” at the bottom left.

instagram scrolls browse

You are now in the scrolling interface for reels. At the bottom left, you can tap the icons to like, comment or share scrolls. The camera icon at the top right takes you to the screen to create scrolls.

instagram scrolls browse

Scroll through the Instagram scrolls by dragging up to go to the next video or swipe down to update the feed.

instagram scrolls browse

After scrolling, tap the back arrow at the top left to exit the scrolls interface and return to the Instagram app.

instagram scrolls quit

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