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How to customize the Google Discover feed on Android

google discover flow

The Google Discover feed on your Android phone or tablet is a place for you to find interesting news, sports results and other content without having to search for it. Discover depends on learning your interests to display relevant information. We show you how to customize it.

Where is Google Discover Feed?

The Google Discover feed is simply a tab in Google̵

7;s mobile app. Some Android launchers, especially the Pixel Launcher, have a special box on your left home screen for the Discover feed. You can also quickly visit the feed via the Google widget.

google discover UI
Pixel Launcher Discovery Window (left), Discovery tab in the Google app (right).

Customize your interests

First, navigate to the “Google Discover” tab in the Google app on your Android device.

google discover tab

Discover displays the weather forecast for your location at the top of the screen. Below that’s where you see all the content that Google thinks you’re interested in. This content is based on what you explicitly say to Google and some assumptions based on your web activity.

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The first way to adjust the flow is to take action on the cards shown. Each card has a “Control” icon and a three-point menu icon at the bottom right.

google discover icons

The three-point menu gives you more information about the card. In this case, we can see that the subject is “Disney +.” From here, you can “follow” the topic, hide the story, say you are “not interested”, block the source of the content (the site it came from) or “manage interests”.

discover more information on the subject

If you press the “Control” icon, you can choose to see “More” or “Less” of the substance in the feed. Tap this icon again at any time to reset your preferences.

detect the card control button

Keep scrolling through the feed and you will probably see the “Discover more” section. This is another way to customize your interests from the flow. Touch one of the subjects to expand it.

discover more sections

You get a preview of some of the stories you see related to the topic. Click “Follow” to add the topic to your interests.

follow a new topic

The second way to manage your interests is at a more detailed level. Touch the three-dot icon on a card and select “Manage interests”.

press manage interests

Then select “Your interests”.

Choose your interests

If you have previously followed some topics, you will see them at the top of the page. Below you will find topics that Google has collected “Based on your activity.” These are the topics that Google thinking you may be interested in.

Touch the “+” icon to follow the subject, or touch the crossed icon to hide it.

add or hide topics

It should be noted that you do not have to go through the whole list. It will probably be quite long and filled with some very random topics. Some of the topics will never appear in your Discover feed. To act on the cards that do showing up in the flow is a more effective way to fine-tune the experience.

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