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How to customize the themes and formatting for Outlook Mail

Bored of using "Calibri, 11pt" for every email you send in Outlook? Standard light, white email background does your eyes hurt? Don't fear, you can change the default email theme so you want to, and that's it.

Change theme for a single message

To change the theme for a single message you create, go to Home> New Items> Email with> More Stationery.

This opens the "Theme or Stationery" window, where you can choose which theme you want.

Select theme from the left menu to see a preview in the right panel, and once you find one you want, click "OK" to apply it to your message.

Change the theme for all messages

Change the default theme for all messages you send, go to File> Options> Email (or File> Options> Ease of Access) and click the "Stationery and Fonts" button.

This opens the "Signatures and Stationery" window where you can select a default theme for new e-mail messages, and make changes to the reply and forward theme.

Click "Theme" b Exit to open the "Theme or Stationery" window again.

There are three options at the bottom to choose from, of which the lower two will normally be turned on by default.

These options are:

  • Vivid Colors: Changes the font colors to those that differ slightly more for better contrast.
  • Active graphics: Allows to add graphics in-line (ie "in the body of the e-mail") instead of adding them as attachments. Do not turn this off if you ever insert images, have a picture in your signature or use emoji.
  • Background image: Many themes have a background image used in the post body. If you only want font changes and not the image, turn it off.

Select the theme you want and click "OK" to apply it to any new email you create from now on. You also have the option to edit the font for both new e-mail messages and responses / forward by clicking on the current "Font" button.

These font buttons will not be available if you have selected "Use theme" Font ", change it first to edit the font.

You also have the opportunity to tell Outlook that" Choose a new color when answering or forward. "The colors Outlook chooses cannot be edited, but it can help the readability of a long email thread, if you don't mind the recipient getting multicolored answers from you.

These theme changes only affect HTML messages, which are standard types of messages in Outlook If you are the type of person who prefers to send or read regular text messages, you cannot add a theme, but you can change the default font type and size.

When you have made the changes you want , click "OK" and you are done.

Create your own theme

To create your own theme, open a new message and customize fonts, dots, background color and anything else you want. Click File> Save As and place in the location the following location:

% appdata% Microsoft Stationery 

Change the "Save As Type" drop-down menu to HTML.

Click "Save." Your new theme will now to be available for you to choose, either for individual messages or by default. If you want other people to use this theme, such as members of your team, then share the file with them and have them saved to the site "% appdata% microsoft stationy".

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